Yolanda Díaz Is Committed To Intervening In Energy Prices And Regulating Them

The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has opted to “intervene in energy prices and regulate them” by pointing out that there are “six million people in energy poverty.”

“We have to intervene in energy prices and regulate them, electricity is a fundamental right,” said Díaz in an interview published by Ctxt.

In this context, he assured that the government talks about the situation in the country and that they are “perfectly aware of the difficult situation that thousands and thousands of families are going through.” Specifically, he has made reference to the price of electricity, fuel, the difficulty of accessing a home or job insecurity.

“They are structural and inherited problems that affect the day-to-day life of the citizenry. And this Government has the obligation to respond to them,” Díaz stressed, highlighting that the price of electricity is one of the issues that most concerns him and that the situation “already cries out to heaven.”

For the Second Vice President of the Government, the rise in the price of electricity is the result of “a process of privatization of the electricity sector that was sold as a modernization of the country, which supposedly would benefit users.” “And what has ended is an oligopoly with prices multiplied every year,” he criticized.

Regarding the situation today, the minister has stressed that, apart from the measures that have already been implemented by the Government and that should “remain permanently” such as the reduction of VAT, “it is time to be brave “.

Thus, Díaz explained that Spain is an “energy dependent” country so “it cannot be compared with other European models”: “Precisely for this reason we must intervene in the price of energy and move towards regulated prices”.

“You have to think big, not pull it off. For me, every minute in government is a minute to continue advancing rights. I am blunt: we must be brave and deploy the social agenda to reduce inequality, that is what people expect. of us and for this they will evaluate us “, he has sentenced.