Fan Token Of La Roja Raises Price Of Bitci By 90% In 13 Days

The Spanish Soccer Team raises passions wherever it goes. His participation in the last European Championship, reaching the semifinals of the tournament, as well as the silver medal achieved at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games augurs a promising future for national football.

But the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) lives not only from football successes. The national team was the first European team to embark on the world of cryptocurrencies, through its Turkish sponsor

And their arrival has been a success. On July 30, 25 million digital coins, or fan tokens , of the selection were put on sale at a price of 0.5 euros. Through this purchase, users will be able to access exclusive actions linked to the Selection. And the reception of this initiative has been “unbeatable”, according to the Federation, since in just two hours all the available assets worth 12.5 million euros were exhausted.

So much so that no other selection has obtained an equal reception, since it is the largest purchase of fan tokens at the European level. Actually, it is an initiative linked to the blockchain, the cryptographic technology based on a blockchain for the exchange of value between people through the internet.

In just three minutes since the 25 million digital currencies were put into circulation, more than half were sold, specifically, 52.5%, while the entire operation was completed in less than two hours. Just 24 hours after the fan tokens were issued , the price of Bitci increased by 29%, reaching $ 0.07. A percentage that rises to 90% if compared 13 days after issuance, reaching $ 0.08.

In total, up to 12,133 people from 22 different countries acquired at least one digital currency of the National Team, as the Economist has been able to verify from sources in the sector. By gender, 89% of these buyers were men, while the remaining 11% were women.

Another noteworthy fact is that 45% of buyers, 5,489 people, were between 18 and 30 years old, while 6,247 buyers were between 31 and 50 years old and only 397 people were over 51 years old at the time. of the purchase. This gives an image of how this type of cryptocurrency has a greater reception among the young public.

Price of Bitcicoin since the issuance of the ‘fan tokens’ of the RFEF
The marketing director of the RFEF, Rubén Rivera, explains that this idea “arises from trying to connect with fans of the Spanish National Team and the Federation competitions of many countries that are not ours, through an asset that allows many people connect from places that would otherwise be impossible. “

Rivera’s assessment of this first issue is more than satisfactory, since it is “spectacular data that make us a European record in the commercialization of tokens., as the first sports entity to reach figures like the ones we have just achieved and very happy with the number of buyers and countries where operations have been carried out, which means that the interest is very great and that the objective of connecting with multiple audiences in many countries have been achieved. “In his opinion,” the point is the partner we have chosen. “

And it is that the football business is looking for new business models that allow it to have income that has been lost due to the pandemic. Without going any further, last week it was known that part of the salary of the more than 36 million euros net per season that Leo Messi will receive at PSG will be through cryptocurrencies .

In the case of the Parisian team, as revealed in a statement, Messi is the first footballer of the French team to receive part of his salary in fan tokens . Three years ago, PSG became the first sports franchise to partner with , a platform that is also used by more than 40 sports entities, including FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus, AC Milan, Manchester City. , Arsenal, Atlético de Madrid and the national teams of Argentina and Portugal.

In the case of Bitci, the Turkish operator is a sponsor of LaLiga teams such as Real Betis, RC Club Celta de Vigo, Deportivo Alavés, as well as other Turkish clubs and national teams such as the Spanish, Brazilian, and Uruguayan teams. At the same time, it is a sponsor of Moto GP and the McLaren Formula 1 team. In addition, as this newspaper has learned, the Turkish operator maintains open negotiations with other Spanish sports clubs and entities.

Non-professional soccer
However, the RFEF is a non-profit society so the amount of these operations with fan tokens will be dedicated to other types of activities, such as non-professional football.

As Rivera explains, “the objective of the RFEF is to redistribute wealth among non-professional football, which is the one that most needs this income. All the additional income as a whole that we are obtaining is allowing to greatly increase the subsidies that football received unprofessional and more in a time of pandemic. “

Specifically, the additional income of the Federation has allowed the subsidies given to non-professional football (from Second B and below) to be increased to more than 100 million euros per season. According to Rivera, “many clubs with the pandemic have disappeared and thanks to the increase in income and its consequent redistribution in subsidies, it has been possible to save modest football.”

Asked if the Federation will make more broadcasts with Bitci, Rivera has no doubts. “Now we are going to work on the process of executing the experiences with those who have acquired the tokens and from there, facing the year 2022, there will surely be the issuance of new tokens and with what technology is growing the ability to connect with people thanks to the virtualization of many experiences, different experiences can be created each year “, says the manager.