British Air Purification Company Awarded Large Government Contract

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Mar 17, 2022 04:30 EDT

As part of its commitment to the safe return to work for its employees, the Valuation Office Agency has implemented air purification in all of its offices to protect its staff. UK-based company MedicAir DentAir Ltd has been awarded a contract to supply the units to the VOA.

With the pandemic restrictions easing, many people are no longer testing for Covid and are not isolating if infected. “This has caused significant concerns among a number of businesses,” states Dr. Connor Bryant, one of the founders of MedicAir. 

“We are seeing hospitals, schools, and companies investing in MedicAir to mitigate the risks of returning to the office, especially now that isolation rules have been eased. We are proud to be selected to protect the VOA as part of their safe return to work.”

Air quality in indoor spaces goes far beyond Covid. Studies have shown that “sick building syndrome” is responsible for thousands of lost hours every year, with employees being more productive and having fewer staff absences when using air purification.   

MedicAir is a medical-grade air purifier that combines hospital-grade air filtration, activated carbon filtration, and virus-killing UVC technologies in a simple unit that is plugged in and provides instant protection with no professional installation. MedicAir is found in thousands of hospitals, schools, care homes, and businesses throughout the UK and Europe. It is a UK-based company founded by three medical professionals with the sole aim of providing affordable and safe air quality.

MedicAir is available for offices, hospitals, schools, and homes at

Bryant Medical Group is a UK-based medical technology company that was established by Dr. Connor Bryant, a dentist. He has since built a company that innovates smarter technology in medicine and dentistry.

Dr. Bryant or Dr. Perkins (Clinical Lead) are available for interviews in regards to any aspect of air purification or the concerns regarding around poor indoor quality (or sick building syndrome). All media inquiries should be directed to Orlando Mollica at

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