Top 10 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in 2022

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The world is headed towards a progressive society with remarkable growth being witnessed for women in leading positions. The advent of the pandemic made a lot of people realise that their true calling lies in entrepreneurship, also known as the Great Resignation. Amongst these people, women have been choosing the entrepreneurial path twice more than men. Women have been taking strides and proved themselves as career-oriented, intelligent, and competitive, with tons of ideas, skill sets, and vision for a future and to bring about a change. 


Whether it’s running a small business dealing with handlooms, a midscale escape room breakout, or the entire corporation of Pepsico, women are capable of leaving no stone unturned. Women entrepreneurs stand at a whopping 252 million out of the 582 enterprises all around the world. This post will discuss the best business ideas for women entrepreneurs in 2022.  

1. Event Planning  

Women master at planning and organising events. From little birthday parties to grand dinners, women know how to ace it when given the reins of planning into their hands. If you are someone who is able to resonate with this skill, event planning could be a great entrepreneurial option.  

Event planning requires minute details to be taken care of, and that is the key to any successful event. The details are what become the highlight of the show. And, there’s no better person out there than women who are capable of taking details into account. 

2. Freelance content writing  

Content writers increasingly grow important to organisations as businesses go online. If you are someone possessing a flair for writing, freelance content writing could be a wonderful entrepreneurial prospect for you. Freelance content writing needs no prior investment, and you can start this business from the ease and comfort of your home. 

If you are a busy mom yet really ambitious about starting your business and possess the talent of writing, freelance content writing can be just your thing. All you require to do is create a business profile and share some writing samples, and you’d be good to go. Content writing is a field that requires time to cement yourself into, but once done, you’d be getting tons of offers.  

3. Home bakery  

Those days are gone when the kitchen was a place only for the homemakers. Today, the kitchen also belongs to entrepreneurial ambitions. A home bakery is an excellent low-cost investment business that could yield great results. Besides the major investments in licensing, inventory, and permits, this overall is a profitable one.  

With the rising demand, reliance, and trust shown in home-cooked foods, a homemade bakery carries the potential to become a hit with the customers instantly. You can devise recipes that can only be available at your bakery, organise cooking workshops as a marketing strategy, and even do custom orders for almost all baked items, unlike other commercial bakeries who carry this option only for cakes.   

4. Fitness influencer  

Remember the days when people suddenly started following fitness influencers, Chloe Ting, in particular,  during the initial lockdown days? The pandemic and the lockdown turned a lot of people into fitness-conscious individuals. People started taking out their free time to work towards their fitness and focus on their health. 

And, who doesn’t remember the wonderful transformation videos we were flooded with? Chloe Ting’s success is proof that fitness influencers could be amazing entrepreneurial prospects. Hence, if you’ve got a knack for fitness, too, grab a camera and a mat, and work it out.  

5. Online thrift store  

Sustainable fashion is the talk of the hour. People from all over the world are becoming more and more aware of the horrors of the clothing industry. From the terrible working conditions of the labourers to the carbon footprint, people are choosing to make a change. Hence, the best way towards it is thrifting. 

Online thrift stores saw a surge around 2019-20. While some people might frown upon the idea, thrift stores can be a gold mine when it comes to fashion. You can find anything and everything that suits your taste. Moreover, along with being environmentally friendly, thrift stores are also easy on your people’s pockets. Hence, a thrift store could be a wonderful idea for a business.   

6. Homemade food delivery service  

Just like the bakery business, a homemade food delivery service is another wonderful option. If cooking is something you excel at, a homemade food delivery service can be a great business option to think about. 

You can also start it as a tiffin service, which can help out a lot of students and working professionals. People trust services that serve homemade food; hence this could bring in a lot of good customers if you’re able to maintain your food quality.  

7. Daycare service  

Kids can be tough. More so when the parents are working professionals. If you are someone who possesses the rare talent of how to deal with kids, a daycare service is definitely something to think about. 

Working professionals, who are also working professionals, find it hard to leave their kids alone in the company of strangers. Daycare service is a business that you might need to invest in, in the beginning. However, this can turn out to be profitable very soon, given the increasing number of working parents.  

8. Photography  

People might think that photography is a field that is majorly dominated by men. However, there are a lot of amazing women photographers out there. If you are one who is proficient at using the lens., photography can be a good business opportunity for you. 

You can start this business as a freelancer and even assist someone by shooting their portfolios. Photography is one lane where you’re not likely to face too heavy a competition if you get good at it. Plus, all you need to invest in is a good camera and editing software to give your pictures an edge.  

9. Fashion designing  

Women possess a natural instinct and talent when it comes to clothes, jewellery, accessories, and anything and everything related to fashion. If you’ve been complimented on your fashion sense, this can definitely be eyed as a career.  

Whichever field related to fashion appeals to you and is your forte, you can go for that. This business requires low-cost investment and can help you acquire customers pretty easily if they like your work.  

10. Blogging  

Blogging resembles freelance writing in some manners and differs in some. It is another very popular business idea that requires minimal investment. Moreover, you do it by sitting in the comfort of your home. If you know how to wield your words impressively, blogging is a great prospect.  

You have the freedom to write about whatever topic you like, whenever you like. It’ll take a while to generate traffic, but once you succeed, you can earn a lot through ads and sponsors.  

Final thoughts  

Though these 10 business ideas are great for any woman entrepreneur currently, if you already have decided on a business plan, there is no need to derail it unless the data asks for it. No matter what you choose, do proper market research and see if the scope measures up to your visions and ambitions. 

Author Bio:  Aniya more is one of the brightest content writer at Breakout escape room. She is a passionate writer who loves to read books and explore different escape rooms. With a great work ethic, she spends most of her time researching and reading. When she is not working, she likes to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy watching her favorite tv show or walking her dog peanut. You can find her on LinkedIn.