Key Rebranding Mistakes To Avoid In 2021


Rebranding can be a huge headache and can be an absolute rollercoaster if done wrong. For a rebrand to move swiftly and move in the right direction, it is always best to find a branding agency Manchester-based or London for some of the best in the industry. There are many industries and businesses that will often find that their brand is the most important and valuable asset to their business.

There are also others who find that they need to make more out of their brand so they can also feel the benefit. Having a rebrand is not something that should be taken lightly as this will cause disruption so it is best not to make any mistakes. In this article, we will go through some common rebranding mistakes to avoid in 2021.

Not Engaging In Brand Research

If your brand is not working for you and then you expect to rebrand without doing any research, you can’t expect the next brand to be any different. Brand research is one of the most important thighs you can do when it comes to having a rebrand. It gives a business the opportunity to find the gaps and opportunities that you a business can take advantage of. Remember that people will follow a brand they believe in so a rebrand will resonate with existing customers as well as their main target audience moving forward as you have found their pain points and resolved them.

Rebranding has many ups and downs and brand research can really help to resolve forward issues that you haven’t faced yet. This will help to make informed decisions on how the brand is going to go and how you are going to deal with issues. Some of the biggest risks in a rebrand are first, it is expensive and time-consuming. The other risk is that you could potentially lose all your existing customers who were loyal to the old brand. This is especially the case when moving from a well-known brand to an unknown brand.

Not Having A Solid Strategy Behind The New Brand

When your brand is not performing as well as you would hope, it is easy to forget all the good things about the business and concentrate on the bad things too much. Don’t forget that you have successfully started a brand that has already got a loyal customer base and earned a lot of trusts. If you forget this, then you will automatically have a negative impact on the new brand. It is always best to stick to your values throughout as this is what got your customers in the first place.

Once you have finally finished your research, then you will be ready to start mapping out your solid brand strategy to articulate your values, positioning and USP’s. The research performed will help you in all of your strategy processes.

Copying A Competitor

When you see your main competitor doing much better than you, it can be extremely tempting to just copy what they are doing. The issue with this is that it can do more harm than good. First, it makes it much more difficult to differentiate yourself from the competitors as well as give you fewer recognitions and can even result in a lawsuit if done in obvious ways.

In many ways, a brand is the only thing that can differentiate from a competitor due to things being accessible for every business. If your competitor is doing well to bring business and resonates with your target market, then you need to resonate further to make you the most relevant brand for themselves. Don’t forget though, a brand is not just a logo but a personality, a belief and a value that people want to live by.

Not Being Bold Enough

If a brand is just keeping it simple, you are not showing what your brand is about. You need to show distinctiveness between you and your competitors. It may sound a little daunting when being bold as it can be a risk, but there are plenty of brands out there that are making a lot of money from being bold and standing out from the crowd. This can be anything you want, a great example of this is the brand “THIS” which are a vegan meat substitute company that have tried their best to make its brand different from the rest of the vegan brands.

Rebranding can be a tricky process and is certainly a risk. There are many people who need that risk to be taken whereas others may just be hitting a dry spout. Make sure this is truly the best option before you start as there is no turning back.