Invite the Outdoors to the Party: How to Style a Nature-Themed Wedding

nature-themed wedding

Themed weddings are always special, exciting occasions. As the soon-to-be-married couple, you have the opportunity to make your characters shine by adding a personal touch to a moment you will cherish forever.

One of the most popular and well-loved wedding trends is a ceremony that aims to evoke an outdoorsy vibe. Nature is all around us, and it can often have an array of beneficial effects on our overall well-being, including increased sentiments of happiness, improved self-esteem, and boosted relaxation. Hence, it is easy to see why many couples tend to incorporate natural décor and features in their celebrations.

Are you thinking about bringing the outdoors in to your big day too? Here, we explore ways to craft a nature-themed wedding that will make your event even more memorable.

Scenic venue

There is no hiding that choosing the perfect venue for your ceremony will lay the foundations for an unforgettable day. Are you looking to celebrate in a majestic location that merges history, culture, and stunning nature? If so, a countryside villa or splendid castle wedding venue could tick all the right boxes. 

A scenic venue offers the ideal backdrop for your vows and celebratory reception, leaving your guests in awe and with plenty of tears to dry. In essence, a location rich in views, landscapes, and greenery is the ultimate choice for an emotional, nature-themed wedding.  

Add botanicals to the menu

One alternative yet effective way to include nature in your indoor celebrations is to formally invite it to the lunch or dinner table. How? Make sure it is part of your wedding menu! There are many different ways in which botanicals can play an important role in uplifting your entrée, main course, and dessert. 

Pepper berries, rosemary, and finger limes, for instance, could gift your plates and palates a delicate, flavoursome punch of taste. As for drinks, you are spoilt for botanical choice! From herb-based beverages such as mojitos and mint juleps to cinnamon-spiced mulled wine, the options are endless.

What about the wedding cake? Fresh white roses and green leaves can work as an impactful decoration for your show-stopping dessert. But, if you are in search of edible alternatives, you could garnish your cake with sugar flowers and nature-themed frosting.

Play evocative music

Music and entertainment are other fundamental components to keep in mind. Walking down the aisle, brides often choose to be accompanied by the renowned notes of Wagner or Mendelssohn’s ‘Wedding March’. 

If you have a soft spot for soothing and evocative classical music, you may want to hire a quartet for your reception and enjoy nature-inspired tunes. The sound of musical instruments playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or Delibes’ Flower Duet can imbue your event with a natural, outdoorsy vibe, that will contribute to the ambience of your big moment.

Flower crowns

What better way to keep in touch with the environment than to adorn your outfit with natural features? Brides, for instance, could consider opting for a flower crown as an original, colourful accessory. Adding plants and blossoms to your hairstyle can help you nail a look that reflects your nature-themed wedding. 

What’s more, you could complete your wedding dress, as well as the outfits of your bridesmaids, with fresh flower corsages. 

Include animals and birds

If you are looking to incorporate nature in an impactful and dramatic fashion, include animals as part of the wedding. From reaching the venue on horseback to kissing your better half as beautiful birds take flight, there are several ways in which animals can contribute to making your ceremony special.

When selecting your reception venue, make sure that it has woodlands, forests, or green spaces nearby. Margaret Livingstone-Evans, Executive General Manager at Langley Castle, says that roaming around the green grounds of a picturesque venue can add to the magic of your wedding.

“Going on a stroll through gardens or forests is the perfect way to complete a nature-themed wedding,” Livingstone-Evans continues. “You will have the chance to take in scented fragrances, listen to birdsong, and hug your spouse in a romantic setting.”

Ceiling installations

Do you want all attendees to feel surrounded by nature? As well as decorating your indoor venue with plants and vases, you could contemplate adding florals above your guests’ heads. Ceiling installations can go a long way in helping you recreate a green, natural environment indoors.

Furthermore, if you are a lover of starry nights, you could hang a dark cloth from the ceiling and dot it with twinkly lights. As if by magic, you will be able to dine and dance the night away under a sky of artificial stars. 

Why miss out on the beauty of nature on your big day? Even if the weather is not on your side, there are many steps you can take to create a natural ambience that will make your wedding stand out. From special menus and evocative music to ceiling installations and flower accessories, natural décor and themes can help you tie the knot in style.