Revealed: Where in the UK Getting Ready to Pop the Question

Revealed: Where in the UK Getting Ready to Pop the Question

With weddings in the UK placed on the back-burner for more than a year, it should come as no surprise that a backlog of nuptials are set to take place on the route to normality. However, you may be shocked to discover that as we navigate out of lockdown and through the restrictions, we’re actually witnessing more engagements. Yes, perhaps all that time spent in isolation has made couples around the globe realise who the real ‘one’ is. 

“The pandemic helped them realise, I want to marry you” suggested the Washington Post while Elle discuss how the fear of things grinding to a halt during the pandemic was very much proven incorrect by the number of proposals they witnessed. 

That got us thinking, here in the UK, who’s burning a metaphorical hole in their pocket with the question of ‘will you marry me?’ 

In order to find out, Charles Tyrwhitt, designers of some of the most elegant wedding jackets, shirts, and trousers, have delved into Google Search Data. 

Did you know that Warrington are actually searching the most for engagement rings, with 1,094 searches per 100k people – love is quite literally in the air in the Cheshire town! They are closely followed by Sunderland, Bolton, and Glasgow – with 1,058, 1,033, and 965, respectively. 

At the other end of the scale, Cardiff are searching for engagement rings the least, with 294 searches per 100k people!