Top 8 Indispensable Car Devices for Your Trip to Ireland

A trip to Ireland is a great way to change the scene and immerse yourself in the ancient Celtic traditions that have survived there till now. This bright experience will give you vivid memories for a long time. It is best to travel around the country by car to move away from crowded routes. In this article, you will familiarize yourself with car devices that are indispensable for the comfort and safety of your trip.

Ireland travel tips

It is better to start a trip to Ireland from its capital. Arriving in Dublin, you get an excellent transport interchange for further travel. Consider the cheap car hire Dublin airport options in advance to choose the most comfortable car. Compare car hiring offers in detail and avoid extra expenses by taking indispensable car devices on your trip, which you will learn about below.

Car health monitor

Take care of your safety by purchasing a car health monitor for your trip. This device connects to the car’s OBD-II port and allows you to diagnose health. Despite the insurance and preliminary maintenance of the rented vehicle, it is better to pay attention to the problem in time and avoid an accident. Diagnostics take a few minutes, and you can see the results on the screen.

Car portable vacuum cleaner

A portable vacuum cleaner will not take up much space in the trunk but will help keep the car interior clean throughout your trip to Ireland. Avoid fines for stains or dirt on the return of your rental car by cleaning the stains regularly. A set of nozzles provided for the vacuum cleaner will allow you to collect debris even from hard-to-reach corners.


Today you can buy a GPS-tracker inexpensively – a great invention against car theft. This device is indispensable when traveling to another country in a rented car – invest in your safety. The use is simple: activate the tracker, pair it with your smartphone and hide it in a secluded spot in your car. You will know the exact vehicle location even over long distances if theft occurs. Remember to take the tracker back when you return the car if you decide to use Dublin cars for hire.


By purchasing a DVR, you can always prove your case in a traffic accident and not become a victim of the negligence of the investigation. This is a beneficial device for traveling abroad, as you get high-quality footage of the situation around the car and inside the cabin. Modern models are also equipped with night vision cameras and microphones. Pay attention to the image clarity parameters and the quality of the recording on the display when choosing a DVR.

Bluetooth headset

A Bluetooth headset is an indispensable device for a trip to Ireland. The desire to share with friends the impressions of the trip right on the road is much. However, holding a smartphone with your shoulder or hand is exceedingly unsafe for driving. Inattentive driving in unfamiliar terrain, the risk of a huge fine – this can be avoided by buying a wireless headset and connecting it to your smartphone. Another plus for you and your fellow travelers is the device’s two-way noise cancellation. You can:

  • Follow directions from your navigator.
  • Listen to your favorite podcast.
  • Listen to music.
  • Follow the guide directions.
  • Turn on the audiobook.

Meanwhile, your fellow travelers can relax after a busy day. Today you can buy a headset equipped with LEDs and vibration, which does not allow the driver to fall asleep on the road.

Phone mount

The phone mount is a utility thing for your trip to Ireland. Not all vehicles are equipped with an electronic dashboard on the front. To conveniently see the map and navigate the terrain, place the mount with a smartphone at eye level while maintaining a view of the roadway. The phone mount is also beneficial for conveniently switching songs on the go and quickly answering phone calls (if you use a headset).

USB car charger

A car charger is an indispensable device on the road, especially if you are in a deserted unfamiliar area late at night and your smartphone quickly loses its charge. Modern car models are equipped with integrated USB ports that allow you to charge gadgets while driving. By purchasing a USB car charger, the presence of integrated USB ports will not be a key factor when choosing to hire a car Dublin, and you can save money by connecting the charger to the car’s cigarette lighter!


Make your trip to Ireland elaborate and save money in the future with a one-time purchase of the above devices. Think carefully about the route in advance and avoid unnecessary risks on the trip. Also, check the traffic rules in Ireland before you travel so you can stay calm when you arrive.