Car rentals are one of the market breakers today in the United States hence they are easily available on request. Once one knows how to maneuver a car and check out certain requirements, one can use a car. People use cars for different reasons and they do this by either renting or buying. For those who cannot afford to buy a vehicle, a good alternative especially when you find yourself in a new city is by renting a car. In Tennessee State, if you are a tourist, visitor, or resident, you can rent a car in Memphis city or any other major or minor city in the state. Here are some popular cars that people rent in the city.


This car brand is one of the largest and most popular passenger vehicles worldwide including in the US. Based on statistics, about 80% of drivers have driven a Toyota vehicle at least once (especially the Toyota Corolla and Camry models). This is because this car brand has an extensive network of various vehicle sizes, types, and prices. Therefore, depending on an individual’s taste, rental is not difficult. Not only that, Toyota cars are very reliable, safe to use, spacious and comfortable, have a long life span, have high performance, and have great motor quality features. They are one of the top rental cars in the USA because are family-friendly and extremely affordable.


The presence of ford vehicles goes back to the automobile industry. It was one of the first cars to be produced in the US and ever since then, this car has developed and become more popular. The brand of car is electrified, has powerful engines, great build, are averagely reliable, and easy to maintain. It serves different purposes be it commercial or personal and this car brand is available in different variations. In the form of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, etc. Due to the above qualities and more, the demand for this brand of car has increased significantly; therefore, making it one of the most sought cars for rent in the city. You can rent any car of your choice from rental cars in Memphis TN airport


This car is a perfect choice for rent because it is an all-in-one kind of vehicle. The luxurious style, performance, driving range, engine power, innovative technology, interior, and exterior design, etc. of the cars speaks volumes and attests to their perfection. For everyone, there is a car model for you. This is because the models (some of which are electrified) are available in sedans, compacts, SUVs, busses, etc. and all are budget-friendly. Models like the Elantra, Sonata, Tucson, Accent, Santa Fe, etc. are one of the top rental cars.


For those who love classy or sporty cars, Mercedes-Benz is definitely the way to go. This car brand is known for its innovative technology, high performance, aesthetics, quality, and style. The cars have varieties of extensive capabilities and comforts ranging from easy-to-use touch screens, controls, spacious cabins, soft seats, classy interior design, opulent exteriors, efficient automobile engineering, etc. Some top models that people rent include Mercedes Benz C Class, G Class, S Class, E Class, etc. You can visit 14CARS app for more.

If sporty cars are your kind of vibe, you might want to consider renting the Mercedes-AMG. Also, unlike how one might perceive it, the cost of renting a Mercedes car is actually quite affordable.

Jeep Wrangler

This car is perfect for outdoor trips. If one is planning a road trip or a trip that involves driving on trails, rough roads, etc. this car is the answer. Asides from being the perfect choice for outdoor adventure, it is also a multipurpose vehicle. This is because due to its large space capacity, it accommodates luggage/goods whilst still providing comfort to its passengers. The jeep wrangler has great versatility, off-road capability, a high-performing engineering system, and controls. The interior exudes calm sophistication while its exterior exudes a different kind of confidence that no other vehicle has. It is easy to maintain, family-friendly, and affordable to rent. 


From the name alone, you are already familiar with the car brand. You will also know that its name speaks volumes for its luxury, affluence, and sophistication. This sleek, elegant car is that car you can rent to take for a classy event. For example, many celebrities rock BMW to red carpet events like it’s nothing. To have a taste of its elegance, you can rent one from the nearest rental store to you.

One can rent many other popular cars in Tennessee City. Some include Honda, BMW, Nissan, Chevrolet, etc. You can visit here for more.