A honeymoon is a post-wedding tradition to bond, relax, celebrate as a couple and look ahead at what’s to come. There is no standard length of time for a honeymoon. Durations might vary from a single night to well over a month. However, there are a few things you should think about before booking your honeymoons, such as your budget, the length of time the journey will take, and the amount of time you can get away from work.

Experience a trip together gives you a different kind of closeness while having many first-time experiences with each other. Therefore, when looking for your honeymoon destination, you must consider what matters the most to you to enjoy a romantic getaway. The options are endless, from luxurious resorts and outdoor activities to secluded places with gorgeous views.

It’s important to know, particularly if you’re considering European honeymoon locations that overlap with the summer vacation season, the optimal timeframe is six to eight months before your travel dates. On the other hand, you might want to consider organizing your honeymoon up to a year in advance if you have your heart set on some pretty far-flung adventure locations.

When looking for the best honeymoon trip, here is a list of beautiful destinations to have an unforgettable experience. In addition, some of these vacation spots are listed by Travel + Leisure as the most romantic getaways worldwide.

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara checks all the boxes for a honeymoon trip. Throughout history, many famous people have chosen to spend their honeymoon in Santa Barbara, including JFK and Jackie O. You’ll never want to leave Santa Barbara after spending a romantic weekend there. In addition, the temperatures in Santa Barbara are mild all year, making it an excellent honeymoon destination at any time of the year. 

You can experience the beauty of Santa Barbara with your loved one by booking a wine tour. Grapeline Wine Tours offers wine tasting tours to explore the area made famous by the smash indie hit “Sideways,” which has more than 120 wineries spread out over the oak-covered hills of Santa Barbara County. Other activities you can add to your itinerary include:

  • Dancing at world-class nightclubs.
  • Shopping at indie boutiques.
  • Relaxing on sun-drenched beaches.

Regarding where to stay on your honeymoon in Santa Barbara, you can find luxury hillside hideaways, beachfront resorts, and charming boutique inns offering a diverse range of environments and budget categories.

Anna Maria Island, Florida

Gorgeous scenery, a charming yet unhurried vibe, and beautiful weather make Anna Maria Island the perfect destination for a romantic vacation. Home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, the island offers bikeable streets, ocean recreation, and a great local culinary scene. 

Spend some time relaxing on the beach. You may find quiet and fantastic beaches like Bean Point and Holmes Beach that provide a calm setting in which you will enjoy one another’s company while surrounded by beautiful tropical nature. Have a luxurious experience by booking a couple’s massage right on the beach in an idyllic and exclusive setting with Sea-renity Beach Spa and Bou-tiki. You can also book yoga classes, organic facials, meditation sessions, and acupuncture therapies at the Aluna Wellness Center & Spa.

If you are looking for uncrowded beaches and cooler weather in the area, January – March, or October are the quietest times of the year on Anna Maria Island. This beautiful island offers various accommodations for couples, including beachfront homes, quaint bungalows, beautiful villas, and luxury resorts.

Sedona, Arizona

If you want to surprise your loved one with a spectacular honeymoon, go no farther than Sedona, Arizona. This tourist spot has endless alternatives, from romantic date nights out to stunning evenings beneath the starlit night sky.

A romantic day can start enjoying a couple’s massage at Wilde Resort & Spa to take advantage of the beautiful setting and full-service spa. Then you can head over to grab a drink at Vino di Sedona on the patio with live music. Vino di Sedona offers wine and beer tasting.

Take your partner for a pleasant long stroll along Oak Creek. Discover the wildlife along the lake and take in the stunning views of the red rocks together. Make sure you pack plenty of water and snacks. Oak Creek is a great site to take photos. 

Another romantic place to see is Grasshopper Point, a lesser-known Sedona landmark located at the base of Oak Creek Canyon. Here you can find a large, towering cliff that hovers over a swimming hole fed from the waters of Oak Creek. Most of the area is shaded and calm, making it a pleasant place to cool down, take a plunge, or even enjoy lunch. So spread out a picnic blanket for the ultimate date experience. 

Finally, make a reservation at Mariposa Sedona to add a touch of Latin flavor to your honeymoon destination. You and your date will enjoy shimmering views of the Red Rocks as the Sedona sun strikes them while dining on a gorgeous South American-inspired meal.

The best time for a honeymoon in Sedona is winter. There are several benefits to visiting this time of year. To begin, you may make a reservation anywhere you choose, and you’ll almost certainly have the hiking trails to yourself. In addition, winter is a more affordable season to explore the area.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

A honeymoon trip to Cabo will be full of glamour, fun, beach, delicious cuisine, luxurious spas, and the best nightlife. Celebrities like Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are regular visitors to the area. So this destination offers you and your partner the opportunity to vacation like a Hollywood star. Whether for a weekend getaway or maybe a whole-week stay retreat, this Mexican destination has everything to make memories together.

There are many options for couples with an adventurous spirit in Cabo. You can book a Cabo shark diving tour. You will swim with sharks for a unique experience like a couple. And after all the fun on the water, enjoy a relaxing spa treatment together at The Spa at Four Seasons Costa Palmas. In addition, Los Tamarindos restaurant offers excellent farm-to-table cooking classes where you can learn and eat simultaneously.

Add to your romantic trip itinerary a visit to the Art Walk in San José del Cabo, where you can sip wine, sample cheese, and interact with some of the top artists and gallery owners in Baja California Sur. Another unique attraction you can enjoy together is the Tequila Experience & Art Gallery, which offers tasting of their tequilas with a 7-course pairing, all while enjoying art. 

Seagrove Beach, Florida

With stunning sugar-white beaches, Seagrove Beach is a unique destination along 30A. This lovely beach town offers a laid-back atmosphere with upscale neighborhoods, shops, and restaurants everywhere. 

Seagrove Beach is one of the least crowded beaches in the area, perfect for relaxing with your loved one. Spend time at the beach strolling along a sugar-white sand beach, and when the sun begins to set, gather around a beach bonfire while you roast s’mores.

Make your way to explore the coastal dune lakes. These are natural phenomena found in a few places worldwide, and Seagrove Beach is home to two of them. In addition, you can visit Deer Lake State Park, where you’ll find a variety of rare plants, including Southern magnolias, Gulf Coast lupines, Spoonflower, and wildflowers. Enjoy the sensation of a relaxed way of life together by visiting the most fabulous restaurants and stores that are only a short walk or bike ride away. First, stop by Cafe Thirty-A or Seagrove Village Market Cafe for a quick bite to eat. Then, spend the day touring local shops for one-of-a-kind artwork. Afterward, head to Bud and Alley’s Waterfront Restaurant for a special cocktail while seeing the most magnificent sunset.