Elon Musk’s Prediction Of Electric Car Prices Come True


Thirteen years ago, the price of Tesla cars was only accessible to a few. Today, the relationship between an electric and a combustion car with the same benefits is still unbalanced, but both Elon Musk’s signature and the many brands that have come from the classic automotive industry that have joined the electric race are lowering their prices year after year. anus.

But at the time Musk had a vision of what this transition to affordable electric vehicles could be. And today, his predictions seem pretty spot on.

This prediction was recovered this week thanks to a tweet posted by a group of Tesla car owners . It shows a 67-second video of a 2008 presentation in which Musk defended the $ 109,000 price tag for the first-generation Tesla Roadster as necessary for the development of more affordable vehicles in the future.

Tesla and Musk’s master plan
“Every time someone buys the Tesla Roadster, every penny Tesla earns goes toward developing low-cost vehicles for the mass market,” Musk said, noting that laptops and cell phones went from expensive to necessities. profitable over time. “You can’t get to low-cost cars if you don’t start with expensive cars.”

Musk’s examples were clear. For example, the Compaq Portable notebook, one of the first chain-produced notebooks, went on sale in 1983 for $ 2,995, the current equivalent of $ 8,248.58 , taking inflation into account. Hewlett-Packard acquired Compaq in 2002, and today one of HP’s Chromebook models sells for less than $ 250.

In response to the clip, Musk tweeted Tuesday: “Wow, 13 years ago.”

In a way, this idea of ​​Musk has surrounded his mind since Tesla’s own founding, where in almost comical tone it was presented as a master plan to push the electric automotive from expensive cars to cheaper cars. The next Tesla model is now expected to drop below $ 25,000, even approaching $ 20,000.

Nearly 40% of Americans say that the next time they buy a vehicle, they are likely to seriously consider getting an electric one, according to a Pew Research Center report published in June.

However, two-thirds of those surveyed by Pew raised price as an issue, as they consider EVs to be more expensive than their gasoline counterparts. A situation similar to Spain , where price differences, despite their approach, are still there.