How to Hire App Developers Through IT Staff Augmentation Model? 


The increase in demand for the app development team is the utmost crucial term of the growing business place. It assists firms to clear the gap between the internal team and fulfills the overall business needs. Also, the growing needs of the outsourced developers have decreased the needs of the in-house team. And the growing demand for hiring staff from outside will be always there in the organizations. If you’re willing to hire staff from outside your team, then we would like to tell you, there are many firms that look for various checkpoints before hiring app developers via a staff augmentation model, before that let’s know what IT staff augmentation services are:  

What is Staff Augmentation?  

In simple terms, staff augmentation means hiring the staff for certain projects that are required in your present organization to fulfill your work needs and goals. Let’s run you through an example, think that you’re willing to develop a taxi app and you do not have an app team for it. Since you’re looking for a profound team who can assist you with the intact taxi app and with your present team it is quite tough, so to fill the gap and delay, you will hire a team outside your organization to get your work fulfilled. Also, the staff augmentation team are cooperative people who are always ready to guide you and provide you with the project needed within your deadline. This whole process will save your time and money. Where you do not have to hire another team, you can use the resources till the time you need them. This will prevent you from going through the long procedure of the hiring process for your firm.  

Steps to Hire Staff Through the Staff Augmentation Process: 

Define Your Needs or Goals  

Make sure to list your needs regarding your project, mention what all skills are required, and technologies used, and create a deadline. Also, list down the requirements that you might look in to hire mobile app developers, like someone who has good hands on these technologies, iOS, Android, or cross-platform tech (React Native, Flutter). 

Whatever your goal might be make sure to define it in the initial stage. With a clear understanding, you can have a smooth project as per your choice.  

Have a Descriptive Job Description:

Make sure to get an enhanced job description that has listed all your goals, that you might be willing to incorporate and responsibilities that are required for the development process. Provide detailed information related to skills, this will assist you in providing a well-versed project.  

Select Profound Staff Augmentation Services:

Select a reputed IT staff augmentation agency that has already provided various successful projects. Do a detailed analysis of their clients, and check their reviews, you can even contact their clients and ask the type of service they have provided. This way, you will be surer about their service.  

Go through the CVs:

Check each and every resume of the candidates to know their skillset and previous work experiences.  

Conduct Technical Rounds:

Make sure to incorporate a tech interview. It will assist you in understanding the candidate’s coding techniques, solving problems, and whether are they familiar with the tech or not.  

Other Soft Skills:

With technical skills, it’s also crucial to check whether they have proper communication skills, and are ready to work as a team, able to adapt to the ongoing company culture.  

Check Previous Work History:

During the time of hiring make sure to ask them for their previous job history and check their overall performance and their ability to work on projects.  


Make sure to talk about your requirements openly. Tell your requirement whether you’re looking for an hourly basis, contract, and other contractual details. 

Project Summarization:

After the completion of the project when there is no need for the developer, then you can conduct a review of your project. Make sure to look after the overall performance of the augmented team and get in touch with them for any future changes required.  


There are various agencies or firms that provide staff augmentation services, and it’s a great way to get access to a skilled team and work as a helping hand for your team, without harming the present process. However, there are various IT Outsourcing Companies from where you can hire professionals. And it’s normal to get confused between firms so for staff augmentation services you can go for OrangeMantra, which will provide you with full-fledged service. This way, you can get an apt service in terms of enhanced work and flexibility to get in touch anytime.