7 Key Benefits of an Extractor Fan

extractor fan

An extractor fan is an electric fan generally used in kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms to extract moisture, heat, odours, gas, or smoke from the area. Extractor fans come in two main types – axial and centrifugal. Axial fans carry air over shorter distances and are mounted into a window or used on an exterior wall with a duct. A centrifugal fan moves air at longer distances because of the higher pressure created by the fan wheel mounted to a shaft. They are often mounted into ceilings. These fans are useful for controlling humidity and heat.

There are several benefits of having an extractor fan installed in your home or office. Some of the benefits are:

Humidity Control

The most common places where an extractor fan is installed are bathrooms/laundry. It is used to control humidity. Constant exposure to steam and humidity results in the growth of mould and mildew. You can eliminate or minimise these problems by installing an exhaust fan in the ceiling or on a wall. The fan will extract the moisture out of the room and will leave the air dry. This prevents the growth of mould spores/mildew while controlling the humidity level.

Gas and smoke removal

An extractor fan can greatly benefit the areas that are exposed or prone to the accumulation of harmful airborne pollutants. Areas such as basements where old gas appliances are used, places where people gather to smoke, garages, and workshops where dust accumulation is high are all places where you can install an extractor fan. Installing extractor fans means reducing respiratory illnesses from breathing harmful air pollutants such as smoke, gas, and dust.

Heat removal

Another important function of an extractor fan is heat removal. Areas that are affected by hot climate can use extractor fans as a heat removal tool. Since hot air tends to rise and accumulate around the ceiling, the extractor fan placed on the roof ensures continual extraction of heat and allows cooler air to flow inside.

Maintaining Wall and Fabric Health

Indoor areas where people smoke can benefit from installing extractor fans. The tar in the smoke slowly builds up resulting in a thin layer of tar on the walls, windows, and furniture. When you install an extractor fan, it will extract the smoke and keep the walls and furniture clean for a longer period.

Improves air quality

An extractor fan extracts humid and unclean air from the room so that clean, dry air fills the place. The air quality improves drastically, which in turn improves the overall respiratory health of people. It also removes any unpleasant odours and keeps the air fresh for a longer time.

Ensures Longevity of fittings and fixtures

As extractor fans help to maintain optimum humidity levels, they ensure the longevity of fittings and fixtures, especially in areas exposed to humidity – such as bathrooms and kitchens. They also protect the plaster and paint from deteriorating at rapid speeds due to their constant exposure to moisture.

Saves energy

Modern-day extractor fans come with powerful features to ensure effective performances. Unlike conventional fans, they know when to use higher power to bring the moisture level down and when to use low power to maintain the humidity level. It means there is less wastage of energy. Extractor fans help to ensure a greener and cheaper energy usage.

In several cases, extractor fans are a necessity as local building codes require certain types of businesses to have extractor fans installed.