A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Cab Dispatch Software

best cab dispatch software development companies in India

Cab Dispatch software is basically a robotic solution that works with the entire shipping process, from shipping to payments, rather than by the taxi owner or manager. According to the standard model, customers inquire about available taxis, download location, and telephone placement. The taxi owner delivers it accordingly based on its availability. This traditional model tends to be flawed as it incorporates actual distractions throughout the operation.

In the cable software model, users can open the mobile app, enter their locations (take and drop). Shows taxis available in the region with full fare. When customers choose the right type of vehicle, the software algorithm assigns a taxi driver ready to take the trip. In this way, the whole process finds failure and can be interrupted.

Some of the most popular features of Taxi Dispatch Software Development

There are many best cab dispatch software development companies in India that provide taxi delivery software with all the latest features and functionality. The taxi delivery system basically consists of three panels: one User Panel and Driver Panel, Dispatcher Panel and Admin Panel.

User Panel

Fast Ride Booking

Which allows your customers to book a quick ride .                   

Booking Schedule

Helps customers book their rides for days and hours to come.                                  

Driver Tracking     

With this feature users can track their drivers and cable location using the map. 

Contact the driver                                                                                                         

Passengers can contact the driver on the easy and difficult highway.

Unconditional Payments                                                                                          

Customers get the option to make their ride payments using a variety of payment options.

Ratings and Updates                                                                                                     

Passengers can update their knowledge with the help of this feature and the other hand with the help of driver ratings and updates with which they can improve their services in the future.

Transfer Benefits                                                                                                           

With the help of plans to transfer taxi booking applications they can get customers and potential customer attention.

Driver panel

Real-Time Applications  

At this stage, the driver receives instant updates about cable bookings or requests.


The driver can be easily found online or offline using the app.

Passenger Information

The driver will get all the information related to the passengers and their location.


The user will find the correct navigation to reach the passenger area using the shortest route and location.

Starting Rides / Cancellations                                                                                            

Drivers can easily start or cancel a ride using a single tap on their device.


At the end of the trip, the driver will receive a summary of the trip and will be able to track the ride for a full day.

Dispatcher panel

This panel includes Manage Booking,Manage Drivers ,Manage Customers ,Real-Time Tracking ,App notifications      .                                                                                                        

Admin panel

The admin panel consists Assign Roles , Data Analysis ,  Set Prices, Traffic Management , Payment Management , Offers & Discounts


Digitization is slowly slipping into the shoes of human strategy in almost every industry. The ‘permanent’ cable service industry depends on the cable delivery system, for the reason that it provides affordable, reliable, and convenient services to people around the world. This is a good time to switch to white cabin delivery software for your cable business. You should contact the company that develops mobile applications, tell them your details, and get reliable cable shipping software right away.