Mastodon Vs Twitter: Which One Is Better?

Mastodon Vs Twitter: Which One Is Better?

The game for Twitter changed overnight when a certain someone bought the globally popular social media platform. But Twitter got a bigger hit and it came from Mastodon- the decentralized social media platform which got its due importance in late 2022. Yes, Mastodon was around since 2006 but was widely unknown to the world but no more. It is growing exponentially with hundreds of users joining it every day, every hour, and every minute.

The similarity between the two platforms (they both have crisp messages, hashtags, followers, etc.) makes it easy to migrate from one platform to another. But, do you really need to migrate? What is there that Mastodon and Twitter can’t offer you? Does Mastodon have such a bright future that leaving Twitter becomes justified?

These are some of the many questions that are making rounds on the internet, as well as in our minds. As a Mastodon Analytics service provider, Analytodon naturally promotes Mastodon and we do believe in its superiority over Twitter.

So, what makes Mastodon better than Twitter? Lets find out:

Public space

No doubt Twitter is a public space; people come onboard and get access to a vast audience across the globe. BUT yes, there is a big but here because Twitter does so to earn profits, the more people interact with each other, the more they exchange goods and services and the more profit Twitter makes.

Mastodon, on the other hand, is run by a non-profit with the sheer motive to offer a common ground to like-minded people to meet and interact with. Moreover, the instance space does not belong to one single person alone.


Privacy is a hot topic when it comes to Twitter’s way of handling users’ data. More than once it has been proved that Twitter tracks users’ personal information even offline to derive useful insights. There are undoubtedly several ways to strengthen privacy but that doesn’t cover attacks from the inside.

Because Mastodon is decentralized it preserves user privacy to the core. The instance owner has control over the information and there is no chance that any user outside the instance can peek into your data. That’s one of the reasons why there is no analytical tool built-in in Mastodon. Yes, this clearly shows Mastodon does not want to work on users’ information.


Twitter is a centralized Monolith. It has a variety of users, which can make it difficult to find like-minded people easily or to manage hashtags and analytics without putting in considerable effort.

Mastodon, contrary to this, is simpler. You have instances categorized as per interests and other aspects and people are free to join any. Any external user (business or individual) can easily find out what an instance is all about.

Mastodon is a great social media platform for individuals as well as businesses. It is way better than Twitter and has respect for users and their privacy. If you are convinced of the supremacy of Mastodon and are ready to leap, Analytodon is here to help you with your Mastodon analytics requirements.