Planning for Screen Doors? Here’s everything you need to know

Screen doors

Screen doors are the exterior door installed outside the main entry door. It is usually the first line of defence for a home. It is made using a metal mesh. They are also known as storm doors. Besides security, these doors offer many other benefits like sufficient ventilation without letting the pests come inside.

Modern screen doors are built with highly advanced locking highly mechanisms. This helps in increasing the security and privacy of your house.

Benefits of Screen Doors

If you are planning to renovate your home or shift to a new house, here are some benefits of installing screen doors at your home.

  • You can use a screen door to welcome your guests at home instead of keeping the doors closed without compromising on your safety.
  • A screen door allows a better flow of air and light into the house to make your interiors brighter. It also keeps your home ventilated.
  • It allows you to increase your home security. These magical doors also protect you from extreme rain and sun, along with unwanted guest entries.

Different types of Screen Doors

The design of a screen door is simple. Screen doors come in different shapes and sizes. It is designed with a basic Aluminium frame. It is a door with a screen, but various types are available. You can look at the below-mentioned types to help you discover the perfect one for your home.

Barn-Style Screen Doors

These doors are perfect for extra-large openings as they offer maximum bright light and soothing breezes. Someone who loves the barn doors charm must customise it to use it like a screen door.  You also have the option to customize your barn-style doors in any size.

Pantry Screen Doors

Bring home a stylish door no matter the location of your house just by going for a screen version regular pantry door. Screen doors also make a kitchen larger as it provides a glimpse into the pantry.

Pivoting Screen Doors

To give a modern touch to your screen door, you can use specialized hardware. This would help in mounting your door on a pivoting hinge. Check it before you buy to ensure the hinge is working well with the type and weight of your door.

The Sliding Screen Doors

Fitting a door as well as a screen door together when you have a narrow passageway has the potential to pose a challenge. Thus, the solution lies in using a sliding screen door. It tucks into a pocket behind the refrigerator when it is opened.

Nursery Screen Doors

If you have small children and pets at home, you know how difficult it can get to keep unwanted guests from visiting quite often. A screen door in the nursery or the children’s room will let you stay informed.

Playhouse Screen Doors

Bad summer days make outside playtime less entertaining. Thus, with the help of playhouse screen doors, you can help your little ones play comfortably outdoors. You just need to install a set of screen doors on the treehouse or playhouse. Children have the option to shut the screens and continue playing.


When it comes to security issues, there shouldn’t be any compromise. Traditional entrance doors look strong, but burglars easily tackle them. Thus, modern homeowners should stay extra cautious and not take any chances with safety. Go for screen doors and live without any fear. You have a host of options to choose from and find something that matches your aesthetical requirements and serves as a protective layer.