Air Conditioning Installation: A Step by Step Guide

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Installation of an air conditioning unit is not a child’s play, especially when you don’t have expertise and required tools. For precise installation and efficient functioning of the system, you need extensive knowledge of all brands and models. Because it is a daunting job, it’s better to contact air conditioning installation pros in London to perform the job. By doing so, you can ensure that your system functions efficiently with no obstruction or hiccups.

Experts follow various steps to install air con at your home or office. Here’s a step by step guide for air conditioning installation followed by experts in London.

Complete Expert Guide For Perfect Air Conditioning Installation

#1. Inspection

Air conditioning installation experts in London will arrive at your doorsteps and determine what works best for your system. They will inspect whether the size and type of an air con is best-fit to your requirements or not. Also, they will inspect various parts of the system that need to be installed.

#2. Removing The Existing Old Unit

Using the best tools, air conditioning London will remove all the components of the existing system safely. They will disconnect the wiring of the existing system, so they can remove the system altogether. Also, they will remove ducts if the new air conditioner is ductless or the old ducts are worn out.

#3. Installation Of New Outer Unit

Experts will install a composite pad, so that the pad doesn’t wear out until the maturity of the air con system. Composite pads are easy to repair. You will not find any cracks as they can absorb vibration. Also, it will help to function the system silently. After that, they will install a condenser on the pad.

#4. Installation Of New Evaporator Coil

Experts will check the variant of the evaporator coil. FYI, there are two variants – case and uncased. The technique of installing these variants is different. Pros have knowledge and expertise for the same and will perform installation of evaporator coil accordingly.

#5. Installation Of Refrigerant Lines

The copper lines of the refrigerant allow refrigerant oil to travel to the condenser and back into the evaporator coil. If the oil used in old line is different than the new one, experts in London will install new lines. Also, when there are any obstructions in the old lines, in that case, the experts will setup a new refrigerant line. If they are using the old one, they will flush and clean the line to ensure that there is an optimum pressure in the existing refrigerant line. They will also install a small low-voltage control wire that will allow you to turn AC on and off.

#6. Installation of The Filter Dryer & Wiring

The filter dryer will absorb all the moisture in the room, so you will dry and cool. They will mount the disconnect box in the current power supply from your electric panel. 

#7. Installation of Condensate Drain Line

Specialists for air conditioning installation London will install a condensate pump if the house doesn’t have a floor drain. The primary condensate drain of the evaporator coil travels from the coil to the condensate pump. Thus, you need to install a condensate pump if there is no floor draining.

#8. Checking

Now, the installation of an air conditioning unit is done, so the final process is to test whether the system runs swiftly. They will turn on the system for 15-20 minutes to ensure that everything is in the right place. They will offer a warranty card and maintenance plan to upkeep your system.

So, by now, you would have complete knowledge about the air conditioning installation. The only thing left is to make an ideal choice of an air con. Hire pros in London who will guide for the perfect air conditioning unit and offer a hassle-free installation process.

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