According to studies, hiking is a unique activity that offers benefits beyond regular exercise. For instance, breathing oxygen into your heart helps to maintain mental acuity, physical calmness, creativity, and interpersonal harmony. Hiking is also one of the finest methods to escape your surroundings, exercise, and discover nature. Every state in the U.S. contains top-notch national parks that showcase the beauty of the landscape if you already decide to go on a fantastic hiking journey.

From the renowned New England fall foliage vistas to the red cliffs of the Southwest and the southern Blue Ridge Mountains, America has never been short on breathtaking natural scenery. This list of magnificent trails around the nation will inspire hikers of all skill levels to lace up their boots and get outdoors.

The Black Rock Trail in North Carolina

Grandfather Mountain is a gorgeous preserve with spruce and fir trees close to Linville, North Carolina. For advanced hikers, the Grandfather Trail presents a lovely challenge. The Black Rock Trail, which provides vistas of MacRae, Attic Window Peaks, and Grandmother Mountain, is still the greatest.

The Ozark Highland Trail in Arkansas

Explore the Ozark Highlands Trail in the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas. A 230-mile branch of the considerably longer main Ozark Trail is called the Ozark Highland Trail. Pick a section of the path that goes near one of the numerous swimming holes in the region if you want to hike in the Ozarks during the day and stay cool. Remember that the Ozark Highland Trail will ultimately cover the length of northern Arkansas for more than 320 miles.

The Benton MacKaye Trail, Georgia

Georgia’s terrain is perfect for the Appalachian Trail. Three hundred miles of the Benton MacKaye Trail go through the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains. The Appalachian Trail’s beginning point on Springer Mountain is where the Benton MacKaye Trail starts. Springer Mountain is known for its stunning streams, panoramas, and a heartbreaking suspension bridge spanning the Toccoa River.

River to River Trail, Illinois

Illinois’ Shawnee National Forest is a well-liked hiking location, especially in Cedar Lake. The Cedar Lake Trail System encompasses all of the trails in the Cedar Lake area of the Shawnee National Forest. One of the system’s longest routes, the River to River Trail, extends 160 miles from the Lirley Trailhead to the other side of Little Cedar Lake. As a result, it is advised that you focus on the portion of the course around Little Cedar Lake.

The Long Trail, Vermont

In Vermont, like in Washington, everyone is always ready for a hike. When there is so much enthusiasm, you cannot fail. Mount Mansfield, the highest mountain in Vermont, offers two miles of beautiful ridgetop and alpine hiking. There are various ways for hikers to ascend Mount Mansfield, but the Long Trail is the most popular. Even though the Long Trail is 272 miles long, Manfield Peak’s 4,393-foot top may be reached by hikers in about 2.5 miles.

Highline Trail, Montana

Both domestic hikers and foreign tourists are drawn to Montana’s wild nature. The best of Montana’s scenery is, of course, on display at Glacier National Park. Enter Glacier National Park and follow the Highline track, sometimes called the Highline Loop. A little over 14 miles, the Highline Trail crosses the Garden Wall and offers breathtaking views of Heavens Peak, Mount Cannon, and Mount Oberlin before taking hikers to the Granite Park Chalet.

Sliding Sands Trail, Hawaii

To explore a different side of Maui, visit Haleakalā National Park and walk the 13-mile out-and-back Sliding Sands Trail from the Keonehe’ehe’e Trailhead. While the moderate-to-difficult hike may begin with a descent, remember there will be a rise on the way back. Though the Mars-like landscape of the trek offers little protection, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the volcano.

Bridal Veil Falls, Pennsylvania

The Pocono Mountains’ Bushkill Falls is called the “Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania.” Eight waterfalls in the Bushkill area are accessible by trails. Hike to Bridal Veil Falls to begin your Poconos journey, where three waterfalls pour from different viewpoints from the mountains.

South Kaibab Trail, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is the best place to hike in Arizona. A moderate and stunningly spectacular ascent, the South Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon takes four to six hours to complete. Visitors will also see the Grand Canyon Rim, Cedar Ridge, Skeleton Point, and Ooh Aah Point.

Thunder Lake Trail in Colorado

The Lion Lakes, an incredible network of alpine ponds only reachable on foot, are the gem of Rocky Mountain National Park. You need to hike the 6-mile Thunder Lake Trail to get to these breathtaking waters.