Lidl Has An Electric Tap That Allows You To Save On Your Water Bill

The summer is still full of news at Lidl, trying to further expand the already large client base of the German chain. In practically all the categories that establishments touch, this time their latest ” star product ” comes in the kitchen with an electric tap that heats the water in a matter of seconds without the need for a boiler.

At a time when the price of electricity has reached historical maximum , saving as much as possible in any aspect of the home is more than vital for the economy of all Spaniards. For this reason, Lidl has fully introduced a tap in its catalog that also comes at a very low price to be one of the great bargains of these days in the German chain.

An article that allows savings in the water bill, as well as in the gas bill, since it saves the amount of wasted drops while heating these in a short period of time without preheating or water tank . A characteristic that allows reaching 60 degrees or even higher, always depending on the pressure of the water that is exerted.

Features and price
In addition, made of stainless steel using Easymaxx technology, this tap is designed for a large sink and has a mouth behind a powerful spiral. Measuring 36 x 18.5 x 6 centimeters , the item weighs just 1.42 kilograms and its materials promise greater durability.

All for just 39.99 euros , reduced from its initial 99.99 euros, which makes this tap one of the great attractions these days at Lidl. Of course, only online , so it cannot be purchased in the physical establishments of the chain, the shipping costs are 3.99 under the guarantees of Seur.