Can Self-Care Combat Disrupted Sleep?


Disrupted sleep is one of the worst things for a person’s overall health. Sleep is important for almost every aspect of being healthy- sleep can make someone’s mental health and physical health improve massively. Making sure you get 8 hours of sleep can transform your health massively. But can your sleep hygiene be improved by taking more self care measures? Studies have shown that self care can really make a difference to the amount and quality of sleep that people get. If you’re sleep deprived or have a sleeping disorder, and it’s affecting your health, make sure to incorporate these self-care measures into your everyday routine. It could completely change your sleep hygiene for the better. 

Reduce Fast Food

Not only is fast food not good for your physical health, it can also impact your sleep hygiene. Because it is low in nutritional value, it can lead to low mood and tiredness. Fast foods that are high in sugar can make your brain hyperactive and make it so that you can’t easily get to sleep. This can really affect the quality of your sleep. Cutting down on these foods and eating more healthily can improve your energy level regulation and facilitate better sleep. 

Take Time Away From Your Phone

Taking time away from your phone to do something productive can do wonders for your mental health instead of endlessly scrolling TikTok. However, there are other scientific benefits to taking time away from your phone. Mobile phones emit blue light, which disrupts the activity in your brain and can strain your eyes. This makes it much harder for you to fall asleep. An hour or so before you go to bed, put your phone away and do something else, such as reading before going to sleep. If your job uses a computer, using blue-light glasses throughout the day can prevent these rays affecting your sleep. 

Monitor Your Caffeine Intake 

Many people depend on caffeine to get them through the day, as they’re not getting enough sleep at night. This can be a vicious circle. Caffeine has been proven to be disruptive to sleep hygiene. Your caffeine intake could mean that you take longer to get to sleep or get woken up during the night. Make sure you monitor your caffeine intake and reduce it if it’s excessive. This can be a great way to vastly improve your sleep hygiene. 

Go For An Evening Walk

Doing light exercise before you go to bed can be a great way to improve your sleep hygiene. In scientific studies, those who exercised regularly had a much better quality of sleep than those that did not. If you’re sat down at work all day, it can lead to hyperactivity which means you lie awake at night. Going on an evening walk outside and getting some air not only improves your mental health but can make it so you fall asleep much easier. This can be a very good way to fic disrupted sleep. 

Have A Relaxing Bath

Many people can’t sleep due to stress. Stress is one of the biggest problems in adult health issues. It can affect your mental health massively, and mean that you don’t sleep as well as you should be doing. There are many ways in which you can try to reduce your stress so you can have better sleep. Taking a relaxing bath is one of the best ways you can prepare yourself for bed. The warm water and relaxing scents can really de-stress you and make it easier for you to fall asleep. Using natural skin care products can also help you to feel clean and healthy, which could help you improve your sleep hygiene.

Improve Your Room’s Decor

Making little improvements to your living spaces can surprisingly improve your sleep hygiene. By making your bedroom optimised for the perfect sleeping conditions, you can make it easier for you to fall asleep. There are many things you can do to make your bedroom more relaxing. Adding candles and diffusers with scents that are relaxing can make it much easier to fall asleep. Getting a new duvet cover set can make your bed much more comfortable, and can make you much more relaxed. Blackout curtains can make sure that no unwanted light comes into your room, and can make your sleep less disrupted. Air conditioning units can make your room nice and cool, which can really encourage you to fall asleep. By improving your home decor in these ways, you might be able to get a better night’s sleep and improve your health. 

Getting enough sleep is very important for your overall health. It can mean that getting through each day is a lot easier. Making these small changes into your self-care routine can rebuild your relationship with your sleep schedule and result in you getting a full 8 hours of sleep!