Designers inspired bags under 70$

What up fashion pursuitors? This morning I was again so overwhelmed with all those posts of these gorgeous fashion bloggers on Instagram, I found that actually we can design our own economy friendly fashion styles. One does not have to wear big brand designer items to have the luxury looks. Look at these fashion babies and I love their styles so much!

Designers inspired bags under 70$

You see the importance of colors and how you match up the things! You do not have to wear all designers! Maybe a pair of designer sunglasses or shoes, for other items you can buy them from shein or other online websites for normal prices! As long as you feel comfortable and in style, there is no single problem!

I am a fan of handbags, for me the essentials are the bags. Even though I admire designers bags so much  and I own a couple of pieces, I look for designer dupe bags as well to add into my collection from time to time. I have a handbag collection of around 30 bags but only 3 are designer bags. I like to buy my designer inspired dupes from this website The reason I like this website so much is because the bags are really in very good quality and the prices are reasonable and they are not fake! I feel embarrassed wearing fake bags and the real fake bags are around 300-500$, it is too expensive for fakes! Their bags wear no logo of any brands but except for that the styles are quite similar. The website will update with new products  from time to time, so keep up with it!

Here is the catalog from this website, they sell pretty much every brand of dupes, like Hermes birkin dupes, Chanel quilted classic 2.55 dupes, LV lookalikes, Dior saddle bag dupe and Gucci Bacchus signature dupe bag. They are all under 100$!

Here is the links, have a look yourself!

All designers inspired dupe bags

I will take some of their classic handbags as examples to show you the pros and cons.

Chanel inspired classic dupe luxe flap bag

This is a forever classic Chanel inspired flap bag 2.55 with 18k gold plated hardware:

Chanel inspired classic dupe luxe flap bag

Inspired by Chanel classic flap bag 2.55, this bag inherits the similar look with shining diamond quilted pattern and gold plated double chain. The inside of the bag remains the same structure with double flap where there are two side pockets separated by a little middle pocket for lipstick. There are front pocket and back pocket as the classic design. The bag is made of very high standard wax synthetic leather, which is very soft to touch like the real leathers. The quality of the leather is also represented by its shining glow and it is deliberately designed with some crack trace on the shining leather to make it has the lamb skin look. This bag is really a real deal for girls who like designer bags but also very careful about the budget.

Big size: 25cm * 15cm * 9cm Strap lenght doubled: 50cm Weight: 0.6kg

Small size: 20cm*13cm*7cm Weight: 0.45kg

Material: high standard wax synthetic leather with 18k gold plated chain

Accessory protection advice: As everyone knows, all the metals change color except for real gold. Our chain is certainly not made of real pure gold, so it is normal its color fades over time. For keeping the gold chain, please avoid water, sweat or chemical materials. You can coat the chain with transparent nail polish to well protect the plated gold color.

Pros: 1. From afar, this one can be totally mistaken as a real Chanel classic flap bag, the bag is featured with shining eye-catching gold hardware and wax synthetic leather. The bag is smooth and soft in texture and has the classic inside double flap structure. 

2. The price is only 89$ and it is free shipping!

Cons: 1. It is not made of real leather, however it is cruelty free and it has the similar texture from the real lamb leather.

2. The hardware might fade its color over a long time of use because it is not made of real gold, so it is normal. Even the real Chanel bag gold chain changes color overtime.

Have a look at other classic bags on the website and tell me what you like! Ciao~