Top Up-and-Coming Streetwear Brands in 2022

The 90s are back and streetwear is everywhere. If you are after some of the freshest kits, you need to take a look at some of these brands that are up and coming. You’ll see these everywhere in the next year or two, so make sure you have these garms ready for when they are in full swing. Streetwear has been on the rise for a couple of years now, it’s always been here since the 80s but it’s back and it’s back with a fresh new look.

The perfect treds can get you so far if you are not up to date with the latest streetwear trends as you will never be on point. Anyone can wear streetwear these days, it was for a select few groups including skaters and hip hop artists. Brands like Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Off White and other brands have disrupted the nature of the industry with controversial co-labs and bringing out bold designs. In this article, we will go through some of the best streetwear brands to hit the streets in 2022. 


Supreme is the godfather of all collaborations and streetwear. They are based in New York that was born in the era of skateboarding and hip hop. Anything you see supreme, chances are it’s already sold out before you even get to search for it. They release all their products on a limited basis meaning that when it’s gone, it’s gone. They are well known for their bold collaborations with other top brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike and Stone Island. This brand is the OG and earns the top spot on this lift. 


Stussy was another American wonder from southern California where the sun is out and the palm trees are everywhere. It was first inspired by the surfers in the 80s and since then, it’s been chosen from a range of groups, but more so than most, the skateboarding community. Stussy has a huge following and has also done some cool collaborations with the likes of Nike, Vans and of course, Supreme among others. Stussy is a household brand in the industry and can be found in top stores throughout the world. This is why it makes the list. 


Palace is the first UK brand on the list, and it won’t be the last! It is a brand that has evolved over time into the popular streetwear brand it is today. The inspiration for the brand came from the 90s skateboarding culture as well as pop culture with its designs. They have worked with top brands including Ralph Lauren and Adidas. These are also a brand that provides limited apparel which is released on Fridays which of course, is also sold out, so when you see it, get it, because it’s going to be hot in 22. 


Fradime, unlike these other brands, is an anomaly. For the reason that they are so new, but already in such high demand. With sleek modern designs and simple cuts, this brand is going to go far. They provide a range of garms in an oversized, thick material design. It is going to be an exciting year for these guys and once you see the style and feel the quality, it is going to amaze you. If you see Fradime clothing, go for it.  


Have you noticed all the skateboarders around? Or have you just been looking down? If you have, you have probably seen them in an oversized Tee with a large graphic P on it at some point. This is Primitive, the skateboarding brand, that has turned into both a streetwear and fashion brand. As I said, this brand is all things skateboarding, so it won’t be a surprise when you find them making skateboards too! Primitive is also at the cheaper price point too, so not only does it look sick, but you’ll also have some extra cash in your bank. 


The brand has been a hot topic for a couple of years now and for good reasons and bad. But there’s one thing you can’t deny, it’s got style. The website site is a task in itself, but when you find those Yeezys you’ve been after, it’s all worth it. Its comfy knit sneakers differ from the usual sturdy streetwear treds in 2022 which is why they earn a place on this list. 

There are many streetwear brands trying to compete with these streetwear giants, and many are following the trends. If you want to always be on trend, having these brands in your wardrobe is essential. If you think there are more brands that you resonate with, go for what you like.