NicTime Launches Nicotine Water: “NIC Lite” – A New H2O Designed to Help Frequent Flyers Stop Smoking

New Nicotine Drink Takes Off At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), A Newly Developed Designer Nicotine Beverage May Help Smoker’s Curb Nicotine Cravings

Beverly Hills, California Mar 26, 2022 (  – Smoking Cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo will no longer be allowed in the Golden State if California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has his way; smoking in public places like Airport Terminals may soon be banned throughout the state, yes outdoor smoking terminated, by the terminator. But arriving just in the nick of time for smokers is NIC Lite, a patent-pending nicotine replacement drink, to help die-hard cigarette smokers cope with all the new prohibitive smoking regulations. Launched by start-up NicTime, the product is being marketed at airports to cranky commuters who aren’t allowed to smoke on planes. 

Today Airplane passengers can’t smoke anymore, so what can smokers do about their high flying nicotine cravings, yes chewing nicotine gum will help your ears pop, as the plane gains altitude, smokeless tobacco is great for cowboys on the open range, but where is the spittoon, perhaps in first-class or you could slap on the patch, and experience the pain of a bikini wax as you tear it off your Hawaiian sun-tanned hide or you could simply drink a new lemon-flavored designer beverage before takeoff in the departure lounge.

The new nicotine drink is now in the test market at domestic airport shops for cigarette smokers who fly. It’s safe. It’s delicious and helps kick the nicotine desire. NIC Lite is a lemon-flavored, water-based nicotine drink designed for smokers who can’t or choose not to smoke and have to quit smoking cigarettes for limited periods of time. NIC Lite was recently featured on CNBC’s “On-The-Money” segment and Los Angeles CBS News.

“I drank two bottles during the five-hour flight to New York, the most relaxing flight. I’ve ever had,” said Dan K. of Thousand Oaks, California, a light smoker (less than 1/2 pack a day). In April 2006, NIC Lite made its debut at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to aid frequent flyers. The airport venue was chosen as the premier market entry because airline passengers are forbidden to smoke sometimes for up to 12 hours. The combination of these two factors can increase a smoker’s high anxiety and nicotine withdrawal. NIC Lite provides airline passengers with a calming effect to overcome the shock to their bodies when they are forced to suddenly stop smoking while they travel. There may also be a connection between trace nicotine foods, such as tomato juice, hot chili peppers, and horsetail tea that could act as a stimulus barrier in the brain, producing a relaxing effect.

“We sold eight bottles in the first 30 minutes at LAX,” exclaimed Huy Pham, Vice President of Operations at Denver-based Airport Concessions Inc. “LAX is just the beginning,” he added. “This product is unusual since it replaces the nicotine one gets naturally from certain foods as well as from cigarettes.” The tasty nicotine beverage is presently being test-marketed at a newsstand located in United Terminal 7.

Within weeks, NIC Lite’s master broker NICTime plans to roll out the refreshing product in more than 50 airports across the United States. “Smoking bans are a hot topic right now,” said Chris Vehring, President of NicTime Sales and Marketing, a master broker of NIC Lite. “This product can potentially help millions of flyers who are smokers affected by smoking bans by offering them an effective nicotine alternative during their long flights.”

NIC Lite is classified as a dietary supplement by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they have issued a certificate of free sale to the manufacturer. Packaged in an appealing 8 ounce (237 ml) blue bottle, NIC Lite contains 4 milligrams of purified organic nicotine (two cigarettes worth) infused in pure-grade water. It contains no carbs, calories, or preservatives.

About NicTime

NicTime launched NIC Lite, a drink targeted at cigarette smokers who fly. NIC Lite is a lemon-flavored water-based nicotine drink designed for smokers who can’t or choose not to smoke and have to quit smoking cigarettes for limited periods of time. NIC Lite is classified by the FDA as a dietary supplement and is available for smokers 18 years and older. Packaged in an 8-ounce blue bottle, NIC Lite contains 4 mg. of purified organic nicotine (two cigarettes worth) infused in water with no calories or preservatives. Currently NIC Lite is available at airports for $2.99 and convenience stores for $1.99. Ingredients: Water, 4 mg. nicotine, potassium benzoate, and natural flavor.

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