Custom Irons: Taking Tattoo Businesses to a Whole New Level

Surfers Paradise, Queensland Mar 17, 2022 (  – Custom Irons stocks a wide range of equipment that can take modern-day tattoo businesses to another level. It allows both new and experienced artists to access cartridge needles, wireless pen machines, aftercare ointments, and many more. Shaped by a talented team of professionals with decades of insight, Custom Irons is passionate about helping tattoo fanatics all across Australia. To know more, please go through the given discussion.

A Brief Note on Custom Irons

Led by the powerful duo, Marco and Lindsay, Custom Irons’ cautiously curated collection of tattoo equipment captivated lots of attention. It contributes to the advancement of tattooing by keeping artists updated with new technologies, products, ideas, and trends.

Many individuals perceive tattooing as a lifestyle. It is also an exceptional global platform for nonconformists. Everyone at Custom Irons is creative. They are fascinated by the unconventional aspects of the tattoo industry. They challenge each artist to realise their limits and defy them. If dreams are not scary, they are unfortunately not big enough. Always live life on the edge and break free from the comfort zone whenever possible.

Products Offered

  • Please opt for the Elite Click Adjustable Grip when looking for cartridge grips. The appearance is exceptionally attractive, and it assures a glossy finish that most people love. Since the grip is 32mm, the artists can finally bid goodbye to hand cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome. The grip has three-needle bars, and one may use them on any machine.

  • Almost all tattooists dream of purchasing the Wireless Mast Saber Pen Machine. It costs $450 and is available in four colours – red, black, gunmetal, and silver. This pen machine aims to simplify complexity. The battery has around 200 mAh, so the machine can run for eight hours when charged fully. It takes only 2 hours to recharge.

  • The Custom Irons needles are available for $20. They are not sold separately. If one wishes to make a purchase, one must get the box containing 50 needles. There are six needle configurations – magnum, round magnum, round shader, round liner, bug pin M2, and bug pin liner. Custom Irons needles are reliable as they are pre-manufactured, pre-packed, and pre-disinfected.

  • The Bactine pain relief spray makes tattoo sessions hassle-free. It has 2.5% lidocaine. Bactine acts as both an antiseptic and a pain-relieving agent. It ensures the client endures the final stretch and the artist produces polished and fully rendered work.

To know about the other products Custom Irons offers, please visit the official website. Subscribe to the newsletter to learn about promotions, launches, special deals, etc. 

Reasons to Choose Custom Irons

Custom Irons has impressed larger segments of the population because, unlike other companies, it takes delight when the tattooists succeed. The experts working here believe in sharing information honestly. Thanks to multiple conventions and an excellent network, they have gained profound knowledge about tattooing. They are thankful for the gifts they received from the industry and hope to support the artists to reach unimaginable heights of prosperity.

Custom Irons offers information in a raw, real, and entertaining manner. It hopes the one-on-one interactions, product descriptions, videos, and blog posts provide beneficial insight.

Contact Details :

Custom Irons is an online store only. One can pick up the orders from the warehouse at Surfers Paradise from 10 am to 12noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Warehouse Address :

24/9 Trickett Street

Surfers International Building

Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

Phone Number: 0430 380 200



Media Contact

Custom Irons

24/9 Trickett Street,Surfers International Building

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