Digital Artist Percept Cryst On Their NFT Collection, 'Datface'

Los Angeles, California Mar 15, 2022 ( – Creating motivating, thought-tickling, self-sufficient artworks is what my journey as both artist and writer has transcended into. There are few writers who create art and much less who craft nfts, so I feel doubly awkward and honored to express myself here, in reflection of art pieces that impact more than a token.

Those who know me, understand at the very least, that I am out-the-box, untraditional, against the grain, overly fantastical, serious yet lightly dipped in silly. We’re talking my entire life here and yet, they’re traits I’m proud of and continue evolving. Even though my self-published literary career is quite young, it’s a medium wherein allows raw, purely unfiltered content to be crafted and given as is to interested folks. I definitely incorporate these same values in the pieces I make available in the crypto scene. To elaborate, not as tokens but in the traditional sense of an artist simply wanting the share his works with the world. However, like a childhood hobby, the idea of collecting and trading, be it cards, rocks, something from anywhere, has always fascinated me in their wild varieties (an element inserted in my manually-illustrated datface project).

Often have I heard stories of unnamed artists of millennia ago all the way to current, that have painted, illustrated – simply created amazing pieces of various arts, but could never get more than a handful of individuals to even see them. Though there are more chances of exposure in this Social Age, it’s still quite tough to get your work out there when thousands of others are doing the same. So why not take a modern, fun, and greenback approach to support your artistry, your way, while giving people a piece that (hopefully) fulfills them. Whether it’s a datface stamp collectible, an art piece from and/or inspired by my books or a self-originated work, there’s something unique for anybody.

Like most, I believe in tomorrow’s showcasing of arts and I believe in spreading your art as far and wide as possible. Even if the generations take it for granted or utilize it in ways the artwork wasn’t made for, art is wonderful and we have built-in the gift of wondering. That should never leave us. So keep telling stories. Keep making art. Showcase the wonder.


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