PONG Product Design presents INO, a mask pouch that is fun, stylish and ultra-portable

A hassle-free mask storage solution that wraps around anywhere in just a heartbeat!

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Mar 7, 2022 (Issuewire.com)  – PONG Product Design | Get the Pong is proud to present INO, a mask pouch that is fun, stylish and ultra-portable

Living in the new normal, wearing a face mask is inevitable.

Knowing that inappropriate methods may transfer germs and put you at risk, while throwaway storage solutions may harm the environment in the long run, we came up with a mask keeping solution that will make virus prevention and the sanitizing
the process as convenient as possible.

We truly care about your personal safety, hygiene and strived to offer you the ultimate protection even during post-pandemic. We want to make it trendy, fashionable, puts a smile on your face, and integrates into your everyday life. If you’re looking for a solution that stores your mask securely and offers protection all the time, INO is here to save the day!
It is now LIVE on Kickstarter 

Never worry about losing your face mask again! INO, the fun, and innovative pouch is here to save the day!

Hassle-free, easy to clean, snaps in just a heartbeat! INO is an anti-bacterial yet ultra-portable face mask carrying pouch that snaps and wraps around anywhere you can think of. Hygienic and simple to use, slide mask in and out of INO easily, then snap onto your wrist, bag strap, bike, water bottle, and many more in an instant. You’ll never worry about losing your face mask while living in the new normal!

Made of durable and anti-bacterial material, it is able to keep your mask clean and sanitized. Together with the integrated dispenser, INO provides you with instantly available hand sanitizer. We are determined to protect you and the people around you, not only now but also during the post-pandemic period.

Dimension: 246 (L) x 110 (W)


Ultimate Protection

It is important that mask storage solutions help users store their masks conveniently,
safely, and cleanly. The pouch lining of INO uses silver ion technology for an extra layer of protection against bacteria, keeping face masks bacteria-free. INO is made of durable DuPont Tyvek on the outside, which is paper-like but tears and water-resistant.

An integrated dispenser is integrated into the mask pouch, allowing on-the-go access to sanitizer, in order to keep your hands germ-free all day.

INO is also easy to clean. To do so, just simply spray the outer surface and inner lining with alcohol for daily cleaning



INO is ultimately slim, lightweight, and flexible. Snap and wrap INO around anywhere, anytime. It wraps securely around your wrist or bag strap, which does not take up any space in your bag, you will not lose your mask at the same time


Stylish and Fun

We offer a diverse range of colors and designs that provide endless possibilities while matching with your outfit of the day. Moreover, we believe that INO will bring you fun and happiness while snapping it around anywhere you like during this tough
period of time.


Using disposable mask keepers like tissue papers, envelopes, and plastic folders is not sustainable in the long run, also being inefficient and non-anti-bacterial. With this easy-to-clean mask pouch, you can reuse INO for a long time yet still be hygienic.



INO his extremely simple to use while you are on the go. You can put on and remove INO in just a few seconds effortlessly. You can fit in almost all types of face masks without making a mess and coming in contact with the mask’s surface, making the overall experience hygienic, clean, and trouble-free.

For more images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13GosFOI16jFu9S6OxOQnZAOPueuZRw1r?usp=sharing


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