Gr8AM is Taking Novelty Mugs to a Whole New Level!

Gr8AM is on its way to being the hottest gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, holidays, even gag gifts! You name it! They have gifts for every occasion.

Clearwater, Florida Jan 28, 2022 ( – Novelty Coffee Mugs are not a new idea, and neither are plain old coffee mugs! They have been around for ages. In many households, people have used all sorts of mugs as a gift for any occasion. Don’t believe me? Go to your mother’s kitchen and open up the mug drawer or cabinet! You will find all sorts of mugs with different pictures, quotes or texts piled and stacked on each other, each with their own little story. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that those stories, those memories, are priceless. They mean the world to each and every one of us.

I don’t know about you, but when you move, or even when spring cleaning comes around, things get tossed out to the garbage? Of course, you have to get rid of things and clean house! But her coffee and tea mug collection will never get touched, whether there is space for it or not. Other trinkets and gifts will eventually get thrown out to make room for newer things, given enough time. Even TVs, appliances, and furniture don’t last as long as a Mother’s sacred mug collection. These memories are just one morning coffee, or afternoon tea, away.

So how is Gr8AM redefining and reinventing Novelty Mugs? How are they setting the new standard?

Gr8AM brings this new standard to you, every moment will be special by providing hilarious, cute, thoughtful mugs with a twist. The twist? There is a hidden message for the receiver of the gift! Making the sentimental value of the mug that much more special. The mug collection she keeps in the kitchen drawer (despite not having any space!) will be home away from home. They will cherish this gift for a lifetime. Don’t waste your money on expensive items that won’t last the summer. Get Gr8AMs Color Changing Mugs, you won’t regret it

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