Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Patient Reveals How She Returned Blood Sugar Levels to Normal without Medication

61-year-old Elena Jackson wants to inspire other diabetics to overcome the shame of diabetes and help them return blood sugar levels back to normal.

New York City, New York Jan 15, 2022 ( – 61-year-old Elena Jackson wants to tell others who are newly diagnosed with diabetes that they can overcome their health condition and return blood sugar levels back to normal.

Jackson was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 4 months ago, and like many diabetics, she was embarrassed when she heard the news. Elena says she feared people would judge her for bringing this on herself – like smoking and lung cancer. 

“I didn’t want to tell anyone when I first heard the news,” Elena says. “I worried people would judge me and think I brought this on myself by not eating right, or not exercising. But after I got over that stigma, I realized most diabetics – at least in my case – just need to be educated on their lifestyle and what leads to diabetes.”

Today, Elena’s blood levels have returned to normal. More impressively, she accomplished this without any medications. Instead, she adopted a new lifestyle by rearranging her kitchen, reconditioning her mind, and changing her habits with the help of the diabetes management platform, Klinio. Elena credits these changes for bringing her glucose levels under control and helping her lose 10 pounds.

“Doctors are busy today and sadly, we’re just a number,” said Elena. “When you’re first diagnosed with diabetes, doctors don’t have time to educate each person on how they can return their blood sugar levels back to normal. In my case, the prescribed medications, and more medications, but didn’t work. It was only until I researched this disease on my own and took ownership of my decisions.”

Elena credits the diabetes management app, Klinio, with helping get her diabetes under control. She says the diabetes management platform was a lifestyle coach on her phone, teaching her how to eat healthier and create a new lifestyle that returned her blood sugar levels under control.

According to the CDC, more than 34 million Americans have diabetes – or roughly 1 in 10 adults. For Americans over the age of 60, an astonishing 1 in 4 people has diabetes. And of these, 1 in 3 don’t realize they have it. 

Dr. Braden Barnett, Endocrinologist and Medical Advisor to Klinio say patients with diabetes can reverse their condition but he says the key is to focus the mind and actions around healthy eating, daily exercise, and weight control.

“There is no one singular way to return blood sugar levels back to normal,” said Barnett. “But some common themes include exercising for 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week. Even if it’s just taking a long walk, that’s a start. Also, become more aware of your eating habits. Mobile apps, like Klinio, make it easier to find healthy meals and cook healthier foods. Their coaches can also give you exercises that will put you on track to lose at least 7 percent of your body weight. That’s the amount of weight loss you typically need to improve blood glucose levels.”

How I Returned my Blood Sugar Levels to Normal

“The first step is doing your own homework and educating yourself on your condition,” Elena says. “In my case, I rearranged my entire kitchen and got rid of that junk food in the front of my cabinet, tempting me every day. I also reconditioned my mind. I said, no one is here to take care of me but myself. I don’t have anyone to take care of me. I have to work, and if this diabetes takes a leg, I won’t be able to take care of myself. That was my awakening.”

Elena says Klinio, has not only educated her on the disease but the personalized diabetic tracker and management app helps her monitor and track her progress. 

“Klinio tells me the number of carbs, sugar, and cholesterol I should be taking,” Elena says. “It’s like having a personal nutritionist or lifestyle coach with me all the time. I turn to it daily and when I see my progress, I’m inspired to do more.” 

For those who doubt whether they can achieve the same results, Elena has some inspiring words for them.

“You are worth putting in the work for yourself, and with proper education and resources, you can control your glucose level. Don’t be ashamed of diabetes. Instead, learn how to manage it and live a healthier life.” 

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