Mishi launches new sound and music therapy app, dedicated to wellness and sleep.

Mishi improves your sleep, health and wellbeing through music and sound exploration.

Maidstone, Kent Jan 12, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Mishi takes listeners on a personal journey into the healing power of sound, to let them experience the profound benefits music can have on our mental and physical health. The curious can learn and explore while practitioners can go deeper. A sound player gives users control over instruments and other sounds or they can simply listen to the original soundscapes by our dedicated composers.

Mishi is a sleep and wellness sound therapy app with an expansive collection of therapeutic music from a breadth of disciplines and philosophies. Its integrated player lets users customise each soundscape for their own enjoyment and mental and physical wellbeing. Blending east and west philosophies and science with faith, there should be something for every person and every need – from sleep to relaxation and meditation, or from releasing anxiety and stress to improving focus. Mishi is truly the first app for all modalities of music medicine.

Music therapy is more effortless than conscious mind therapies and scientific evidence increasingly shows that sound in its many forms can help to synchronise brainwaves and restore the normal vibratory frequencies of our cells. Mishi takes this further by letting each user create their own therapeutic music adjustments.

Soundscapes are composed in layers that can be modified to dial the different elements in or out, while additional sounds – from crickets to rain – can also be mixed in. This allows each listener to personalise their experience, creating the effect that they need for sleep, relaxation, focus, or healing.

Adjustments are auto-saved and compositions can be favourited for quick access. The app works offline to ensure battery life and data usage are protected. A timer means that music can be seamlessly looped for as long as needed and a fader can be used for sleep sessions.


“That was amazing! I went somewhere else and had the most beautiful visualizations. Thank you!”


“Who knew there were so many noise colours? Love the way you can fine-tune levels to create the perfect ‘Hum’.”


A free forever tier makes a small but high-quality curation of popular therapies available to everyone, fulfilling our social purpose to let everyone experience the therapeutic power of sound. Premium subscribers gain access to the full collection which includes: solfeggio, chakra, isochronic, world music, mantra music, tinnitus, lo-fi, shamanci drumming, and costs just 19.99 for an annual subscription. Premium users receive regular new music as we introduce new sound therapy modalities and future versions of the app plan to make it possible for subscribers to record and upload their own voice to create powerful vibro-acoustic mantras.

Mishi is on a mission to help everyone explore the therapeutic power of music and sound. Part of Digital Chorus, a digital music production company founded by composer-producer and music collaborator David Hughes, whose original soundscapes appear on a number of leading wellness platforms.


Website: https://www.getmishi.com

IOS App: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/mishi-wellness-sleep-music/id1544762843

YouTube demo :

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/get_mishi/

Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/getmishi/

Linked-In : https://www.linkedin.com/company/getmishi/

Founder : David Hughes david@getmishi.com +44(0)7989333563


Press release download: https://www.getmishi.com/launchrelease



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