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By Parvati kurakula, 2, January, 2021

Delhi, India Jan 3, 2022 ( – As you, all know that Sheru (Sheru photography) is the most popular Indian Child Photographer and there are too many followers he has on his Social Profiles. In this article, we bring the information about his personal life and his professional details just like his Family, Career, and more details that you want to know.

With the rise of photography, filmmaking, Sheru has succeeded in the Photography and Cinematography field. In his free time, he likes to watch the successful stories of photographers and cinematographers, who have risen from Zero to Hero with the help of a free digital social media platform.

Sheru is a young and dynamic Indian photographer, documentary filmmaker, writer, editor, Entrepreneur, and actor known for his works in India and he is the Founder & Director of “Sheru photography” which provides photography, Videography services in Delhi. It was established on the 12th, December 2019 at Bhoomi Heen camp, Govindpuri, New Delhi.

He was born on February 2, 2001, in New Delhi, India, He completed his secondary education from Govt. Boys Sen. Sec. School No.2 (HM) JAMA MASJID DELHI, 110006, Sheru also goes by ‘Sheru Photography’ in the social media community. Currently, he is pursuing his graduate from Delhi University.

He started photography as a child at the early age of 9. He used to take pictures from his teacher’s phone during the annual festival, Sports day, in school and NGO.

He made an appearance in a Japanese television (NHK inside) series in 2018- in a documentary about his life titled ( sheru say cheese). The documentary by Ishani K Dutta.

Say Cheese is a short film on all about sheru life “Say Cheese” was screened on the 24 November 2018 of the 6th Woodpecker International Film Festival at Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi.

Sheru says cheese is the winner of Asian Pitches and Tokyo Docs, Say Cheese follows Sheru, a street kid from Delhi, and his trials and tribulations, his aspirations, and his desire for a camera which he believes makes people happy.

Sheru has worked for popular organization’s such as Facebook, UNICEF, GIZ, FEA, IQVIA, Room to read India, and UN Women, etc.
Apart from this, he’s spoken multiple times at AIR FM, and Rainbow 102.6 on social issues and street life.
He is curious to learn by himself. He tries to tell stories through photography via Instagram and Facebook.

Let us tell you that Sheru has four siblings, Muskan, Khushi, Chandni, and Rukshana, who are currently studying at Kilkari- an NGO based in Delhi. His mother’s name is Mrs. Munni, and his father’s name is Mr. Bhushan.

Sheru is now 18 and he is working hard to make the best out of his life. Such as most of today’s youth, He is a big fan of Camera. In his ideal time, he spends it discovering new camera techniques, reading, writing, and learning about the latest inventions, meeting new people, making friends, and gaining confidence in himself!
While his life is still only a dream for many, Sheru realised his reality, Sheru is a young Photographer and Cinematographer. Just to achieve his goals, he is never sacrificed his comfort zone.
He always uses technology to generate a strong impact and motivation for a new generation. He hopes to spread the positive message about loving each other and being kind.

The greater part of Sheru’s snaps is of grinning faces. “Camera is an incredible medium. It can make even the saddest individual smile,” he says

Sheru had stumbled upon his ticket to success and his goal in life By watching another photographer, and cinematographer’s inspirational stories on YouTube and Facebook. It paved the path of his dream. It was then that he understood that all he wanted was to become an outstanding photographer and cinematographer.

Initially, he did not know how to post pictures on Instagram, to write the captions for those pictures, or the type of hashtags that would work on that picture. The only thing that he keeps in his mind is honesty and transparency everywhere.
He learned that social media users are always looking forward to seeing images that excite them. That’s what he decided to offer them. Street portrait picture and daily life on the street. Depicting how people survive on street without basic necessities. Sheru uses his Instagram and Facebook page to post extremely meaningful portrait pictures, street photography, and dozens of daily smiles from the passerby’s.

At the beginning of his social media journey, there were hardly any ‘likes’ on his post. It made him upset. However, he tried his best and stayed positive.

Additionally, he has grasped his basic understanding of the camera, working on the suggestions from other photographers. Gradually, he grew as he learned.

Sheru is also a certified student in Fundamental of Digital marketing by Google Unlocked.
In the Way forward, he is prepared to explore the world.

“Whatever you’re accomplishing with your work, stay consistent with what you need to do, that will be what separates you”, says Sheru.



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