Hussein Abusofah The Digital Marketing Expert Behind the success of La Casa de Papel

He is also signing contract with the famous Netflix Show Squid Games

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dec 31, 2021 ( – It is likely that we have all watched the famous Netflix show La Casa de Papel or at least heard about it. The show has been watched by 65 million Netflix households. Money Heist has now become the top-rated series in the world across all platforms, Parrot Analytics said Wednesday.

And for sure you asked yourself about how that show gained all of this popularity, Today we will highlight the person who was responsible for this success.


A 28-year-old Digital marketing expert based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Hussein Abusofah was one of the individuals who contributed to the success of this show, overseeing the digital marketing activities related to the show.


There is also the news that Hussein Abusofah signed a contract with the new Netflix show Squid Games but no specifics were shared with us. He also works with influencers throughout the Mena region and has created more than 20 internationally trending digital marketing campaigns.


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