Homeless Drug Addict Sarah Lines Becomes Honouree

From Junkie to Global 500

South Australia, Australia Dec 29, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – A former drug addict turned spiritual entrepreneur has just been awarded Global 500 Honoree.

Sarah Lines thought she was destined to live a life of poverty and drug addiction.

In September 2014, Sarah was a homeless junkie with nothing to live for but the next high. She used drugs and was selling herself in Sydney, NSW; but after having a spiritual awakening in 2015 she realised her soul mission – to help other women transform their lives.

“I lived every day like it was my last,” she says. “I did whatever I wanted.” But one night, when Sarah started hearing voices and seeing things, and there was no one left to turn to, something shifted inside her and she had an epiphany: “It’s not too late.”

Since then, Sarah has been transforming lives by sharing her story and guiding others on their own journeys. Today, some 7 years later at 38 years old, she is living a life that would have seemed unimaginable just a few years ago.

“I married my soul mate, we bought a home on the coast and my business hit well over 6 figures this year, even while raising my son with special needs and during a pandemic.” Sarah has published multiple best-selling books and was just awarded The Brainz Global 500 Honouree, where 500 Companies, Influential Leaders and Business Owners are recognised for their entrepreneurial success, achievements and dedication to helping others.

Sarah Lines, from Denial Bay, SA, believes anyone can transform their life to live their dreams. “You just need to follow the breadcrumbs from your soul,” she said. “It will never steer you astray.” 

Sarah Lines helps soul-driven, spiritual entrepreneurs on a mission to delete old paradigms to more deeply connect with their inner being and activate their purpose. She has now helped hundreds of women awaken spiritually and powerfully create new realities in their lives and business.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goddess_alchemy_academy

Award: https://www.brainzmagazine.com/brainz-500-global-2021/sarah-lines

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