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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Dec 27, 2021 ( – The secret recipe to realizing success is to remain working hard. “There aren’t any shortcuts to achieve on top. After all, life isn’t an elevator. You’ve to climb the steps called trying, failing, and repeating until you reach your destination called success”, quotes the celebrated Tanzanian Artist Simon Rieber.

He is a person with diverse talents and is one of the budding names from YouTube. Started working at a very early age within the sector of entertainment, Rieber worked as a Youtuber before embarking on his journey as an Artist. He always said first I am YouTuber then I am Artist. In the internet world, everyone knows him as Simon Rieber but, his real birth name is Simon Cosmas.

Simon Rieber belongs to a bourgeoisie family. But he always said people make his future better with a lot of diligence. Simon Rieber’s father Cosmas Simon is a Business Man and his mother Halima Seleman was passed away a long time ago.

Being the founder of SR Media Services Tanzania, the entrepreneur has aced every project that has been available his way. The Dar es Salaam-based company could also be a one-stop destination for all the digital solutions including marketing, PR, online image reputation, social media marketing, and much more.

Simon Rieber could also be an excellent asset and inspiration for our Tanzanian community as he also represents our county on such a high level and is making a worldwide impact on the whole world.

To know more about Simon Rieber and his artwork, go follow him on Instagram – @simonrieber


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