Gevaresa Will Invest Two Million In A Construction Waste Recovery Plant In Calatayud

These facilities will manage construction waste for its recovery, recycling and transformation to be used in the construction industry and public works.

This is the project that Gevaresa (Management and Valorisation of Inert Waste from Aragon) promotes in the Zaragoza town of Calatayud. It will be in this municipality where this plant will be installed, with which 17 direct and 41 indirect jobs will be generated.

The company already has a 30,000 square meter plot in the ‘Los Arcos’ area of ​​Calatayud to house this infrastructure with which it is intended to provide an environmental solution to this waste that is usually poorly managed. It is estimated that 40% of construction waste is illegally dumped on the landscape and 60% ends up in a landfill.

The objective is to recover these construction and demolition waste to convert them into quality aggregates that are used again in the construction industry and public works. Specifically, the company aspires to value at least 84% of the materials it manages, implementing a six-phase process from the arrival of the waste to its final treatment that allows it to be used again as raw materials. The new infrastructure will have the capacity to handle 211,000 tons per year.

The new recovery plant in Calatayud aims to offer solutions for the management of construction waste to various regions in the south of the province of Zaragoza. The study carried out by the company traces a radius of action of 60 kilometers in which 186 municipalities are located and 105,000 people reside, who will be able to benefit from this new service.