8 European Holiday Destinations Perfect For Winter Sun

Now that summer is officially over for UK citizens, people are bringing out their winter clothes to keep themselves warm and dry. However, some people see winter as the perfect opportunity to go and enjoy some winter sun. 

Winter is the time when most people start saving for their Christmas presents. However, some people see it as the perfect opportunity to get away from the cold wintery nights and enjoy a pina colada on the beach instead. If you are planning for a European destination wedding, then create digital wedding invitations online using the video Invitation Maker tool and invite them to be a part of this grand celebration. If you want to enjoy a week in the sun for a lad’s holiday or your partner’s, we have compiled a list of eight European destinations where you can enjoy the winter sun. 


Malta is a common holiday destination throughout the summer however, during this period, you can expect the popular UK holiday destination to be expensive. That is why many people wait until the colder months when you can enjoy some winter sun whilst watching the tide come in and out of the golden sands. 

There are many things you can do in Malta as it is a very historical nation. Nevertheless, most UK citizens don’t just visit Malta for its wonderful and historical sightseeing. Instead, they visit this amazing country for its thriving nightlife and 20+degree temperatures. Plus, it is much cheaper during the winter months which makes it the perfect spot for a getaway. 

Madeira (Portugal)

In recent years, Madeira has become a very popular holiday destination for UK tourists and it is easy to understand why. It is a fantastic island full of mountains, perfect for nature lovers who wish to enjoy some sunshine. 

The reason why Madeira is so popular is because this island is just the right temperature for everyone. The sun isn’t too hot as you can constantly feel that coastal breeze across the island. Even during the height of winter, you can expect temperatures of 18 degrees so make sure to bring enough t-shirts and shorts for that winter sunshine. Plus, there are many bars where you can enjoy a few drinks with your friends along the coastline. 

Tenerife (Canary Islands) 

If you are looking for hot temperatures throughout the day and through to the evening, Tenerife is the perfect place to stop. However, if you wish to travel to Tenerife, we advise you to spend around a week here as the flight can take up a quarter of your day. 

Although flights can be expensive, one thing you can guarantee in Tenerife is cheap beer and food. You don’t need to worry about taking hundreds and hundreds of euros with you. 

Seville (Spain) 

If you want a holiday destination that is closer to home, Seville may be the perfect place for you. Seville is arguably one of the best cities to visit as a tourist, whether that is for a short city break or a full week. 

In Seville, you can expect temperatures of around 17 degrees and can guarantee sunshine for most of the day. Seville is a city full of culture which can be enjoyed throughout the day as you eat some of the best tapas around. Then, once you get to the later hours of the day, visit Triana for a disco or nightclub. If you and your friends are more suited to bars, head towards Calle Betis where you can find a strip of bars, perfect for a bar crawl. 

Crete (Greece) 

Crete is an island off Greece, so you can guarantee warm weather and winter sun during the back end of the year. This gorgeous destination is packed with vineyards throughout the island. Not to mention that during December, you can enjoy around 6 hours of sun each day, expecting temperatures around 17 degrees. However, ensure you bring a jacket with you as that cool sea breeze can suffocate the island in the evening, making it relatively chilly as you are dancing the night away at a nightclub. 

Sicily, Italy 

For a much quieter holiday destination where you can enjoy winter sunshine, Sicily might be the perfect place for you. If you are unsure where Sicily is, it is the ball (island) to the football boot (Italy). 

Here, you can either visit Taormina, also known as the Pearl Of The Mediterranean Sea, or you can visit Palermo or Catania. All of these destinations are great for enjoying some winter sunshine whilst eating risotto and pasta. It is a dream that everybody has during winter but not many people live. Visit Sicily for an island that is packed with Italian culture and wonderful temples. 


Cyprus is another great spot to enjoy the winter sunshine. Yes, you can expect some days where it can rain but, you can also enjoy many days in the sun. Furthermore, it has one of the highest temperatures compared to other European countries which sit on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Plus, it is a country packed with culture and history. 

Cyprus is well-known for its fantastic golden beaches, especially during winter months. Nevertheless, those beaches are still a common weekend spot for the locals. If you wish to enjoy warm weather on the beach during the height of winter, Cyprus should be at the top of your list. 

Gran Canaria (Spain)

Gran Canaria is another common destination for UK tourists, especially during summer. It is located between Tenerife and Fuerteventura, so you must ensure you book a week to make the most of the long flights. 

There is more to Gran Canaria than beaches and great nightlife for us youngsters. You can enjoy trips out to the dunes of Maspalomas for a natural reserve. Then, you have Puerto Rico where you can sit and watch Dolphins pop up from the glistening blue sea. If water sports are your thing then you can also do this in those scorching hot temperatures. Gran Canaria is a fantastic palace to visit and should be near the top of your list during winter as you can expect an average temperature of 20 degrees during winter. 


Although most of Europe expects cold and wet weather during winter, some gems are perfect for the colder months when you can enjoy the winter sun. Yes, these destinations tend to be relatively long flights however, they are certainly worth it. Your friends and family will be jealous of the golden glow that you will return with from your holiday. 

There are also a couple of holiday destinations that haven’t made it onto this which are prime destinations for UK tourists. Places like Egypt and Croatia are both fantastic destinations to enjoy some sunshine in the winter months. Plus, Croatia makes a great budget holiday, making it a great time to get some winter sun without worrying about breaking the bank. 

So it is time to pack your bags and go and enjoy your holiday. Make sure you go to your local shopping centre in Leeds or Manchester and find some new clothes for your holiday. Don’t forget to get your travel-sized toiletries either.