The Best Places in the World to Go Fishing

For those that love to spend their time on the water, a holiday that covers just sitting and waiting for that bite from the sought-after fish is a dream come true. You have probably been to your local lake or canal to fish there, perhaps even staying overnight, but what if you wanted to cast your net further afield? There are many places where you can fish all over the world, whether you’re interested in travel in Bali or somewhere much cooler like Iceland! If you are planning your first fishing holiday, you want somewhere special. Here is a list of the best fishing areas around the globe.


As well as its stunning scenery and icy glaciers, Iceland also has a lot of great fishing locations. The rivers are clear and full of salmon, trout and arctic char. While this would be enough for most fishing enthusiasts, there is more. If you want to try out in the rough seas, then you can take a boat trip off the rugged coast. Here you can fish for giant cod or halibut and admire this great island from afar. If you are considering taking the family with you while you fish, then there are plenty of activities for them as well. There are hot springs, outdoor swimming, and the northern lights to keep them occupied.

Lough Currane, Ireland

Ireland has been the destination for many anglers over the years. It has some of the most amazing scenery that you will ever see, and the fish are abundant and a good size. The Lough Currane is a 2,500-acre lake that has some nice fishing areas. There are many islands and sheltered bays that you can use to pitch a tent or just shelter from the elements. The majority of fish are salmon and sea trout in fact, it is regarded as one of the best sea-trout fisheries in Ireland. As well as the fishing, you also have the amazing Irish food and a warm welcome from the locals. Ireland is a great place to have an adventurous holiday, especially when you visit Lough Currane.


You might not associate Thailand with fishing, but more anglers are now choosing to go there because of the exotic fish they have. Many fisheries have opened there as a result of this surge in popularity, and they have been stocked with some of the most amazing fish from around the world. You can find giant arapaima from South America, the North American alligator gar, and the Siamese carp. It makes the whole experience a little surreal as you aren’t fishing for those species that are native to Thailand. However, you are having a wonderful time

New Zealand

New Zealand not only has the Long White Cloud, but it also has some beautiful big brown trout. There are some deep-water lakes to be found which makes catching anything extremely difficult, but that is great for those that like a challenge. For those that want to even the odds a little, you can find out how to install a depth finder and see if you can track some of them down. If this isn’t enough of a challenge for you, then try a trip on one of the many big game boats that operate off the coast. There you will pit your wits against some gigantic marlin or a Mako, the world’s fastest shark.

Alphonse Island, Seychelles

Lying calmly in the Indian Ocean, Alphonse Island lies 300 miles southwest of Mahe. It has built up the reputation of being the best salt-water fishing destination in the Indian Ocean. There are many odd species of fish that you can catch here, including the silver ghost or bonefish. Along the surf line, you can try to catch some giant trevally, but if you like a challenge, then there is a more elusive fish you can try to catch. The mysterious algae-eating milkfish can grow up to 40lb, but despite its size, it is regarded as one of the most difficult fish to catch. Thankfully, there are guides on the island that can help you to locate these elusive fish.


About as far south as its possible to fish, lies Tierra del Fuego, or Land of Fire. This area gives you access to the famous Rio Grande, a river that borders Chile and Argentina. Here you can catch some massive sea trout that can weigh over 30 lbs. If you are fishing on the Chilean side of the river, you have the advantage of being able to fish for these monsters at night.


Some anglers want to find the biggest and most impressive fish in the world. For some, there are none better than the giant blue marlin. It is why many anglers are looking to bag a prize fish head to the island of Madeira, which is located 360 miles of the west coast of Africa. The giant blue marlin comes to this area in considerable numbers, and it is not uncommon to see one over 1,000 lbs. The bonus for the family traveller is that there are lots to do for those not interested in fishing. It is just as well, as the longest recorded fight with a marlin was 30 hours, and it still got away.


A true wilderness, Alaska has some of the most remote fishing locations in the world. The lakes around the area are full of many species of fish including the Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, and Arctic grayling. There are fish here for everyone for all types of experiences, but the best part is the company you keep. You won’t go long without seeing bears, eagles, moose, and beavers all sharing the rivers with you. Fishing in this area is of course not without its risks, so you should alert someone at a nearby town where you are going and when you are coming back.

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There are some amazing destinations for the adventurous angler, and there are also some beautiful fish waiting to be caught. However, the best part about fishing in these areas is the sense of wonder and the thrill you will get from sitting in these wonderful locations doing the hobby you love.