3 Hotel Interior Design Trends To Expect in 2023


The hospitality and tourism industries each have their own unique interior design trends, taking into account customer and guest preferences and requirements. From a style perspective, leisure and hotel interior design trends tend to draw a lot of influence from home decor, but in a different way. 

In 2023, there are a lot of emerging decor trends which are making their way from home design and decor into hotel, leisure and hospitality spaces. This year, expect to see bold colours, 70s decor throwbacks and rich textures, as well as more striking spaces and luxurious furnishings. Let’s take a look at 3 interior design trends you can expect to see within hotel and hospitality spaces this year. 

Flexible Spaces

There is no doubt that Covid changed the way in which spaces function and the way in which most people work. With an ever-increasing number of freelance workers, hybrid working patterns becoming the norm and flexible working spaces becoming easier to find, hotels are now having to work that little bit harder to provide areas in their hotels and rooms. 

Most hotels will now need to accommodate guests who are working on the go and, as well as meeting spaces, may also want to provide spaces which are social, within the hotel, but which are also relaxing and comfortable. It takes a lot of design work to make such a flexible and social space work, but it can be done. 

If, as a hotel, you are wanting to create flexible workspaces, then you also want to make sure that they are unique, too. Guests want to be able to see different areas of differentiation when it comes to a hotel stay, so why assume they wouldn’t want the same when looking for working spaces whilst on the go?

Soft, Yet Luxurious, Furnishings

When it comes to hotels and holidays, the fact of the matter is that actually, a lot of guests would be willing to pay a bit more for their trip in return for a more luxurious and better stay. One trend which is always mentioned when it comes to hotel decor is for softer furnishings and designs. This isn’t surprising, as guests want to feel comfortable when on holiday, rather than using stiff and uncomfortable bedding or scratchy, rough towels. Instead, they want cotton-rich, super soft bedding and big fluffy towels. When it comes to style, you want to consider plush, layered fabrics, as well as find the right balance between spaces for socialising, and private and cosy areas for guests to unwind. 

You also should consider the importance of social media and interior design. With a large majority of your guests being on social media, you may want to consider this when making design choices. Social media isn’t just influencers posting pictures for their followers, but couples taking photos to share with friends and family, families taking pictures whilst making memories and people just taking selfies whilst they’re having a nice, relaxing time. Bold statements in your hotel, whether this be luxurious furnishings, colourful and aesthetic backdrops or just luxury-looking spaces, can be great places for guests to snap a few photos and post online, hopefully tagging your hotel and widening your brand awareness. 


Over the past 5 years, there has been a stratospheric rise in the number of conscious consumers. This rise means that, even if you hadn’t taken sustainability into account before, it’s vital that you begin to give it some thought now. Customers are now taking sustainability into consideration when it comes to choosing where to stay – if your hotel has clear messaging in regard to it sustainability offering, it is likely that more people will choose to stay there. 

When it comes to sustainable design and decor choices, it might not be instantly obvious to your guests as to whether or not you’ve considered sustainability, but you are safe in the knowledge that you can back up any sustainability claims you make if you are ever asked. Whether it’s choosing sustainable materials for use around the hotel, using an eco-friendly washing and laundry service or even perhaps incorporating solar panels or wind generators into your hotel design, there are many different ways in which you can include sustainability within your hotel. 


As with all interior designs, they are there to simply guide and inspire rather than firmly dictate what it is you do. During a time when boundaries are becoming blurred in regard to work, home and hospitality, it is becoming increasingly interesting to see how these trends crossover. When you’re looking for hotel interior design ideas and inspiration, you should first consider what level of renovations you are willing to carry out – do you require a full commercial fit out, or is it more of a simple paint refresh? Either way, take this into consideration before fully planning out or implementing interior design changes.