5 Unique Startups That Are Changing the World


We all are aware of the saying- “Innovation is the key to progress.” It is timeless and justifiable in today’s world too. The startups of today, which are paving the way for a brighter future have proved this saying true again.

Today’s world is better than yesterday’s yet new challenges keep appearing. The process of overcoming these challenges is called innovation. We have always relied on it and we shall always do in future too. 

But we don’t enough credit to where it’s due. We often hear about major developments in the tech world, but it’s just as important to recognise and celebrate smaller companies that are making big impacts on our lives.

Today, we want to introduce you to five startups that are doing some incredible things. We’ll start with Cityfurnish.com, which is revolutionising the furniture rental industry. Then there are Impossible Foods, which is creating plant-based alternatives to meat products. And don’t forget about Patreon and Robinhood—which are making it easier for creators and investors to make a living! Last but not least, we have Duolingo—which is making language learning an exciting and fun experience for all!

We can’t wait for you to learn more about each of these unique startups – they are changing the world!

Cityfurnish.com: Furniture to Your Living Space

Do you ever feel like your furniture is tired and outdated? Or maybe you want to spruce up your decor, but don’t have the budget? CityFurnish.com has got you covered! This furniture rental platform makes it easy to rent modern furniture, giving you access to high-end furniture that won’t cost a fortune.

This unique startup is transforming how people furnish their living spaces. You can choose from a range of designer pieces like contemporary sectionals, futons, and accent chairs in various colours and styles. Plus, their affordable rates make it easier to switch up the look of your room whenever you’d like. What’s more, they offer free delivery and setup service so you don’t have to worry about lugging around heavy furniture yourself!

CityFurnish.com is revolutionising the way people access modern furniture without breaking the bank—giving people access to stylish decor that effortlessly adapts with their changing needs. With this innovative startup, making over your living space has never been easier!

Impossible Foods: Forgoing Animal Products for Plant-Based Alternatives

Impossible Food is a revolutionary startup that is transforming the way we eat by creating sustainable plant-based alternatives to animal products. Their mission is to make burgers, steaks, and other similar meat products that taste, look and smell like the real thing—all from plants.

The company has developed a signature product called Impossible Burger, which looks and tastes like ground beef but is made from plants. Not only does it provide a more sustainable alternative to traditional animal-based burgers, but it also contains far fewer calories than conventional beef.

Impossible Foods utilizes cutting-edge science to create its products. But what’s even more remarkable is that their food is designed not just for people who care about the environment or those abstaining from animal products; it’s made for anyone who loves burgers! As the company continues to scale worldwide, Impossible Foods is working hard to revolutionise the food industry in innovative new ways.

Patreon: Making Creators’ Dreams Come True

Have you ever wanted to support your favourite creators? Then check out Patreon, the revolutionary platform that gives creators the ability to make money from their work. From podcasters to artists, creators are able to create accounts on Patreon and gain access to a worldwide audience of supporters. So what makes Patreon unique?

The Creator-Audience Relationship

Unlike other platforms, Patreon offers an exclusive way for audiences to connect with their favourite creators. Patrons can donate directly to the creator, meaning creators can make a living off of their talent! Plus, Patrons are rewarded with exclusive gifts and updates from their favourite creators in return.

Supporting All Types of Creators

Patreon is determined to make sure that all types of creatives in all industries have the chance to get recognition and financial support — no matter how niche they may be. From travel vloggers and musicians to authors and comedians, Patreon is creating a platform where lives can be changed simply by creating art.

Patreon makes it easy for creators and audiences alike:

  • Audiences can browse different creative categories and find their favourites with ease.
  • Creators have complete control over raising funds without worrying about whether or not they’re going to lose out on revenue due to external fees.
  • Creators have access to segmented reports so they know who’s watched what, allowing them to respond quickly if needed.
  • Patrons get updates straight from the horse’s mouth without needing to worry about censorship from third parties who don’t share the same vision as them or the creator.

With its simple yet innovative platform, Patreon is making dreams come

Robinhood: Lowering the Barriers to Investing

Have you ever been interested in investing, but felt that it was out of reach? Well, now you can invest like a pro with Robinhood. This unique startup is making it easier than ever for anyone to invest in the stock market.

Robinhood’s mission is to make financial services accessible to everyone and they’ve made investing more accessible by:

  • Offering free stock trading – no commission fee!
  • Allowing fractional share purchases
  • Removing the requirement of a minimum balance
  • Providing an intuitive mobile app for convenient access and trading on the go

And if you need help making decisions, Robinhood also offers educational resources and user-friendly tools like Market Pulse and Stock Story to give insights into the stock market. Plus, their customer service is always ready to answer questions and provide support.

All of these features are what make Robinhood a great option for novice investors who want to start building their portfolios without dealing with the high costs associated with traditional stock trading. So go on, give Robinhood a try – it might just be your ticket to financial freedom!

Duolingo: Bringing Language Learning Into the 21st Century

Duolingo is revolutionizing language learning and making it accessible to everyone. With a combination of fun, game-like exercises, conversations and stories, Duolingo offers students a unique way to explore the world of foreign languages.

Fun and Engaging

Duolingo focuses on making language-learning an enjoyable experience. The app features interactive lessons that walk users through the basics, with each level getting increasingly difficult. Games are also incorporated, giving users the opportunity to practice their new skills in a fun way.

Mobile Support

Duolingo is available for both Android and Apple devices, meaning users can access it anywhere, anytime. This makes learning new languages even more convenient, as students can work through their lessons while travelling or any other time they find themselves with some free time.

Personalized Learning Paths

Duolingo offers personalized learning paths based on each user’s language goals and knowledge level. This keeps students on track with their learning targets while listening to tailored feedback on their progress. In addition, Duolingo allows users to set reminders for specific lesson times; when that time comes around they get notifications encouraging them to keep going!

The Future of These Companies and Beyond

What’s most interesting about these companies is that they’re just the tip of the iceberg. As technology gets better, so do the opportunities for entrepreneurs to innovate and make the world a better place.

The future of Cityfurnish, Impossible Foods, Patreon, Robinhood and Duolingo are looking good—each of them has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years and all show no signs of stopping. But it goes beyond them—we can expect to see more companies like them popping up in various industries, from health to education to finance. We’re on the brink of a new era when it comes to startups—one that is powered by technology and human innovation, ready to take on some of our most pressing challenges.

Keep your eyes peeled for more game-changing startups coming soon!


From furniture rentals to language learning, from plant-based meat to commission-free trading, the five startups discussed in this article are creating incredible solutions to a variety of problems the world is facing today.

But these startups are just a few examples of how technology is being used to create a better future. There are countless more entrepreneurs out there, striving to make a real difference. 

It’s the era of change. So if you are an innovator, don’t hesitate. It is the right to jump in and do your best.