5 Fun Activities To Do With Your Besties! 

If you’ve got a date in the calendar coming up with your besties, then you’re in the right place! We’re here with five different fun activities that you can do, which are all a bit different and will help you create some great memories together. No matter what kind of friendship group you are, we’ve got something for everyone here, whether you have a small budget or you’re willing to spend a bit more. So, get ready to feel inspired and have the best time with your besties. 

Do Puppy Yoga

First up we have puppy yoga! This has been such a big trend recently with lots of places offering it, where you go to a yoga studio and you get to play with a litter of puppies! You usually get around 15 minutes to play with the puppies, then you’ll do about 30 minutes of yoga (whilst of course getting to cuddle the puppies if they come up to you), then another 15 minutes of photos and playing before the session is over. Put on your favourite womens gymwear, feel your best and enjoy! You will get the cutest photos, so if you’re a group of dog lovers, we’d definitely recommend puppy yoga as an activity! 

Go Pottery Painting

Another really fun activity to do with your besties is going pottery painting. Again, it is likely that a big town near you will offer pottery classes. You don’t need any experience to do this, you can just book and turn up with your friends. It will be such a wholesome day, getting to pick out the piece of pottery you want to paint, maybe a mug, plate or bowl. Then, you can sit down with your friends, have a chat, catch up and just enjoy your time! You can also get drinks and things to enjoy! This is something fun and a bit different for you to do with your friends, then you also have something to keep from the experience too which makes it all the more special. 

Explore A Nearby Town

If you’re anything like us, there are lots of towns within half an hour or an hour of you that you haven’t made the effort to go and visit. So, it could become a tradition with you and your besties to get on the train and explore a nearby town once a month! You could find your new favourite place, or maybe you won’t enjoy some places as much, but it will definitely be an experience either way! Get yourself a railcard to cut down the travel costs, or if one of you drives that might be cheaper if there are 5 of you going on the trip. Maybe you want to go to London for souvenirs or to a tiny village near home you’ve always wanted to see. You could plan activities in each place if there is something unique and different there, or you could just go for the day, enjoy a local cafe and have a walk around. Maybe even turn it into a little winter getaway! This could cost just a few pounds in train fare and maybe a few when you get there for something to eat, and you get to explore new places with your very best friends. Sounds like a great combination right! 

Have a “Board” Night! 

If you and your friends are saving money, then a really great activity to do is a “Board” night. By this we don’t mean board games, but each person created a themed board of food to bring and everyone can enjoy it. Someone might bring a cheese board, a Mexican board, a chicken board, a burger board, a dessert board and so on! Everyone picks their favourite foods then you bring it all together, play some good music, have some drinks and enjoy time with your friends. You could then go on to play some board games after to really finish the night off on theme if you’d like to! 

Go For A Walk and Picnic

Another great choice if you’re a bit low on money is to go for a walk and a picnic. Each decide which food you’re going to bring, pack a backpack, go for a nice walk into the countryside and then set down a blanket to enjoy your picnic. This is so great because it can be easily tailored depending on how far you want to walk and how intense you want the walk to be. If someone isn’t a fan of walking, it could be as simple as going to your local park! This can cost next to nothing if you just get a few snacks, but it’s a good excuse to get together with your best friends.