The Journey to Your Happy Place: Creating Equilibrium in Your Life 

Journey to Your Happy Place

Do you ever just want to escape reality and go to a place where you feel safe, happy, and loved?

We all have that special memory of the past that we like to come back to, or a meditation corner we have created to help us recentre and take some weight off our shoulders.

Happy places are a great way to find balance in a busy world. Here are a few suggestions on how to create or access yours. 

The happiest countries in the world

Going to a happy place can literally mean packing your backpack and jetting off to one of the happiest destinations in the world. 

The 2021 World Happiness Report has determined the world’s happiest countries, and the headliner is Finland. It is followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

What makes these countries rank the highest is neighbourhood support, social benefits, and a feeling of security amongst a united community. In Denmark, for example, people are notoriously known for paying the highest tax. Yet they see it as an investment in their quality of life because the tax goes towards supporting free healthcare, education, and unemployment benefits.

Immersing yourself in the community these countries provide will charge you up with some good vibes, which you can then spread back home. Whether you’re going for a weekend or a long-haul holiday, it will definitely be a fresh restart.

Join a community 

If you’re longing for that community feeling and social interactions to help you recharge your batteries, you can recreate your happy place at home. Just take some inspiration from the community-centred Nordic countries and apply it to your personal social life.

Perhaps you want to join a dance group, a book club, or a Friday night mums’ gathering. Whatever your interests and hobbies are, you are sure to find like-minded people.

A great way to take your friendships to the next level is by organising weekly or monthly gatherings around a certain topic. For example, you can get together and share three good things that happened to you and discuss them, or even do a moon ritual and connect with nature’s divine cycles.

Even indulging in regular shopping therapy and visiting your favourite stores can boost your happiness. There is nothing better than a girl-to-girl confidence boost, and the compliments you get on a pair of pink sandals will do wonders for your mood.

Instilling that sacred feeling of togetherness and love will make you long for more of those special moments. This is your happy place.

Imagine your happy place

What if you aren’t always able to visit a happy place physically? Then you can create one mentally.

We’re bestowed with such vast imagination that we can envision any world that we wish. Flicking through images of love, happiness, and beauty, we can easily transcend ourselves to where we feel happy and serene.

Alternatively, we can dive into the well of our memories and treat our bodies and minds to a journey across our cherished past. Thinking about feel-good moments increases our serotonin levels – the happiness hormone known as the mediator for well-being. By boosting this vital neurotransmitter, we’re not only uplifting our mood but are also taking care of our physical health, and mainly the digestive system.

Create a safe space

Whether you’re travelling through your memories, discovering new mental worlds, or simply surrendering to the peace and quiet, having a safe space where you can practise this is essential.

Find a corner in your home where you can set the scene. Place cushions and blankets on the floor, light up some candles or incense and ensure you are not disturbed. 

You can also incorporate painting, writing, singing, and dancing into the process and unleash your creativity to maximise the results.

This is your ‘me time’, so make it special.

Whenever you feel down or simply need a serotonin boost, travelling to your happy place can be a great fix. Whether you’re visiting an actual place that emits happiness or going into your imagination, the springs of joy are always available for you. Yet the happiest place of all is within yourself – being comfortable with who you are and nurturing it – is your key to a long life!