How Are Silent Discos Taking Over Parties and Festivals?

the future of the silent disco

It is no secret that the popularity of silent discos is booming at festivals all across the UK Silent discos are a hit at festivals. 

However, while they may be associated with festivals, they can be implemented into a range of industries, like parties and even fitness.

But what does the future of the silent disco look like? Here, we explore the concept within the fitness world and beyond.

Ticking relaxation off the list with yoga

You may think that yoga requires a quiet environment. While this is partially true, this is an area of fitness that a silent disco would allow people to thrive in, given its ability to help you focus.

By wearing the headphones, you can hear exactly what the instructor is saying to keep up to speed. Music doesn’t necessarily need to be anything of a high-tempo, it can be a tranquil and relaxing soundtrack to add to the peace.

Not only that, but the silent disco will drown out the unwanted background noise you might face while doing yoga. Whether it’s noise from passers-by or vehicles driving around, it can be quite distracting, limiting the maximum potential of your relaxation. So, with the ability to prevent this with silent disco yoga, this is bound to be something we see more in the future. 

Less disturbance with outdoor fitness classes

Typically, fitness classes in gyms play music through the speaker to boost work performance. Yet, playing music through a loud speaker isn’t convenient for every type of fitness class. COVID witnessed a rise in outdoor exercising, and it’s here to stay. But the common traits of a fitness class, like a loud speaker, aren’t always appropriate. Especially if the attendees are meeting in a public park, playing loud music would likely be a nuisance to others in the area.

Silent discos allow these fitness classes to go ahead with music without causing any disturbance. It’s a safe way to workout while social distancing, despite restrictions easing, and instructors can speak to the class with headphones.

What about the rest of the world?

While silent disco is branching out to be a part of the fitness world, there’re other industries it’s implemented into, specifically weddings. So don’t worry, you won’t need to swap your Indian tonic water and gin for a bottle of water just yet.

Silent discos are a perfect way to keep the party going at a wedding, and the dancing throughout is certain to keep you fit. Sometimes, wedding venues can have a sound curfew, like hotels or farms, where music blasting through a speaker will be on a time limit. 

With a silent disco, the concern for disturbing others in the area is non-existent, and the music can play through the headphones all night to get those steps in with some dancing. Not to mention, guests who aren’t participating can chat with one another easily, and any little ones drifting off at the end of the night will have little chance of waking up.

Silent discos don’t only belong at festivals. They provide more opportunities in other industries, and the benefits are not something to ignore. In what way will you be experiencing a silent disco?