We Are Engaged Christmas Cards: Best Places to Find Them

engaged christmas cards

There are many places to purchase engagement cards, but where on earth do you get “we are engaged Christmas Cards? It is quite a niche card to try to buy and really they don’t make that many because there are so few people who want this type of card at this time of year. A few places though have created this type of card. After, all it’s the momentous occasion that all couples hope for combined with one of most peoples favourite time of year too! Read more about what makes this type of card a unique and perfect card to send to your nearest and dearest to celebrate your love at Christmas.

Why do we need cards?

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect engagement card, you’ll find that there are many different types of cards on the market. This makes it hard to choose which one is best suited to your needs. That’s why many bridal shops have created a selection of engagement cards. Whether you want a more traditional card or something with a bit more personality, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for with our help.

Finding the perfect engaged Christmas cards

A specialist card shop online is the best place to find engagement cards. They have a wide variety of designs and their cards are affordable. You can even get matching save the date cards, thank you cards, and wedding invitation suites that match the card you get. It’s so much easier to find this type of thing online because the card shops have no overheads of a store front, or storage to worry about either. The selection in an online store is so much bigger and better. Therefore you are more likely to find more unusual cards like the engaged christmas cards that you are looking for.

Tips for choosing a card

Figuring out the right card will reveal a lot about your personality and relationship with the recipient. The best way to find an appropriate card is to think about the feelings you want to convey and then narrow down your search. For example, if you’re not sure if they’re ready for marriage, don’t go with a “Will You Marry Me” card. You can also look at cards that are more romantic or funny rather than those that convey more serious sentiments like sympathy or congratulations.

Designing your own engaged Christmas cards

With an online card maker, now anyone can have a wedding or engagement card personalised to their taste. There is a wide, wide range of design templates with a variety of layouts and colours so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your needs. All you need to do is upload your photos and type in the text – it’s that easy! This might be the best option to be fair. The you can use the exact words that you want to. You can even choose a really special photo of the two of you doing something that really means alot to you both.

How to order your cards

To order your cards, first select the type of card you want. After that, you can change the colors on some cards or create new ones to personalize them. If you’re not sure what to write on the card, scroll down and read through some of our pre-written messages. When you’re done designing your card, you’ll be asked if you want to print it out or email it directly. Do make sure that you have finalised the design and of course not made any spelling mistakes either. One these cards are ordered they can’t be sent back for a refund.

Engaged Christmas Cards – Delivery and how to plan ahead

For those who are looking for a thoughtful way to ask the question, “will you marry me?”, Postable offers engagement cards. The company sends beautiful designs to customers so that they can pick out the perfect card, have it signed by the person being proposed to, and then sent back to them with an envelope. This is a great way to plan ahead because you can order these cards weeks or even months in advance. Really though a card is not going to be the most romantic type of proposal.

A card proposal may even backfire since your partner may be annoyed that you did the proposal this way. Most women want the person proposing to have put a lot of effort or thought into the proposal. To just send a card in the post may be seen to be a bit lame.


If you are looking to buy Engaged Christmas Cards, as a way to announce your engagement to your friend or as a way to propose to your beloved buying online will be the most flexible option. If you buy a card off the shelf then you won’t have much choice to customise this to make it mean something specific about the two of you. Make sure you are always putting that extra effort in when it comes to love. Love knows no limits so don’t limit the effort that you make.