Basil oil- benefits on skin, hair, body and mental health and where can you find the best of it.

basil oil

For centuries, basil has been considered as one of the most pious plants on our planet. The reason behind this is not merely a blindfolded tradition of belief but endless scientific facts about it. Today, basil oil is considered as one of the most miraculous human-life supportive elements on the planet.

What makes this oil so significant and extra-ordinary?

Let’s start with its history in India. Extracted from the herb ‘basil’ itself, the oil comes from the medicinal plant which holds an important place in the holy as well as scientific books of India. Basil plant is also known as ‘tulsi’ in India and it has a botanical name as ‘Ocimum basilicum’. According to the words used in the Latin and Greek language, it signifies the meaning as ‘the royal plant’ which also means ‘queen of all herbs’. Therefore, the herb is not only considered great in India but worldwide since ages.

Different religions across the world have used this oil for different purposes. In Judaism, it has been used for body strength during the times of fasting. In the early Indian and European civilizations, it was used during the last rites of any person. This was due to the immense positive, sacred and medicinal power that the plant holds. In other parts of the world, it is also counted as one of the lucky plants who bring fortune to the house.


  • Basil leaves consist of wonderful antioxidants like vicenin and oreintin.
  • It also consists of important antibacterial properties due to the oils present in it like eugenol, terpineol and more.
  • It is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, linalool, lutein etc.
  • All these contents are highly beneficial for skin, hair and the body. 

Health benefits of this oil on Skin-

  • It helps cure acne and other marks on the face.
  • Due to its medicinal and antiseptic properties, it also helps in treating skin diseases and allergies.
  • Major skin problems like ringworm and itching with redness can be cured with the help of this oil.
  • As it cleanses skin deeply, resultantly you get a brighter, cleaner and even skin tone.
  • It helps in tightening the skin.
  • Many times, it has also proven to help in removing blackheads.
  • It helps in countering skin breakouts and dryness.

Health Benefits of this oil on Hair- 

  • Due to its nutritional content, it helps in hair growth immensely.
  • As it has antiseptic properties too, it helps in treating dandruff from the core.
  • If you are suffering from extreme hair loss, then this oil might be the perfect fit for you to avoid it.
  • It also helps in strengthening hair and hair roots.

Health Benefits of this oil on Mental Health-

  • It is no surprise that such great plant oil also helps in smoothing and calming down the mind.
  • Many basil oil suppliers in India claim it has been supportive in curing anxiety and depression which has come out to be absolutely true.
  • Apart from mental health disorders, this oil has also seen to be effective in improving memory and concentration to a great extent.

Health Benefits of this oil on your Body-

  • Due to its valuable and nutritional content, the oil helps in digestion while improving one’s overall metabolism.
  • Several studies and reports have also proved it to help in reducing sleep problems and exhaustion related to it.
  • It also helps in fighting infections present in your body to a good extent.

You might have got the understanding of the endless benefits of this oil by now. But the problem that consumers are facing today is the non-aesthetic properties of the oils present in the market. Several basil oil exporters in India don’t supply pure and 100 percent original content in the name of it. So, where can you find the best services to experience maximum benefit of this oil?

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