Bigger is Better: Everything You Need to Know About The Oversized Bag Trend

oversized bags

Less was more, once upon a time, but the oversized bag trend has well and truly taken the fashion industry by storm – again – and we are here for it! Back in September, it was predicted that oversized bags would become a hot commodity in 2022’s autumn and winter, and the experts weren’t mistaken.

The mini bag trend will always have a special place in our heart, but we can’t fib and say we’re not thrilled that the giant bags are back in fashion. We’re busy bees with fast-paced lives and multiple responsibilities; we need a carrier that can hold all our belongings while still looking fabulous.

Here’s everything you need to know about the oversized bag trend.

What is an oversized bag exactly?

To understand why oversized bags are quickly gaining popularity, we must first understand exactly what one is. The term refers to a tote-style handbag that’s large (of course) and typically features a long shoulder strap.

XXL bags are appreciated by many because of their extreme functionality. When we’re out and about for the day, we want to feel certain that everything we possibly need is always close to us. The bigger types of bags allow us to “hope for the best but prepare for the worst”, and that’s the key to a successful woman!

Where did it begin?

For many of us, the term “oversized bags” conjures up images of the early 2000s when – in hindsight – fashion was at its cringiest. Huge sunglasses, velour tracksuits, low-rise jeans and skirts (shudder), and, of course, giant bags. 

While they dominated the fashion scene at the time, they soon got a rep for being clunky and a bit unnecessary, which made the mini bag trend a breath of fresh air that people were more than happy to latch onto – and for the longest time! For years now, mini and micro bags have been used to enhance outfits and make a bold statement, but they’re not the most practical. After popping your phone, lip balm, and keys inside, there’s not much room for anything else.

To level out the fashion/function scales once again, oversized bags have returned and brought the pragmatic kind of style we had all forgotten we needed. There’s only so much ‘go with the flow’ a woman can do! Most of the time, we need a weekend bag that can hold our endless personal items, such as a cosmetics bag and diary, and size becomes especially important when we have children in tow.

The celebs are loving it

If you’re somebody who feels inspired by the It-girls, you might like to know that some of the biggest celebrities in the world right now have been embracing jumbo bags. Who wouldn’t want to follow in the footsteps of someone as successful as Bella Hadid?

In addition to the superstar model, other familiar (and stunning) faces have jumped on the new trend. Zoë Kravitz, Rihanna, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have all been seen clutching a gorgeous, oversized bag that’s both stylish and practical.

It’s no secret that having a celebrity rock a particular brand, product, or style is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Mary-Kate Olsen, for example, gets papped with an oversized bag, and that bag receives instant brand awareness, and because of her fame and status, people feel compelled to follow in her footsteps. 

How to style oversized bags

The best thing about the oversized bag (besides its fabulous functionality) is that it pairs exceptionally well with all outfits for almost all occasions. Running errands? Oversized bag. Dinner with the girls? Oversized bag. Meeting at work? Oversized bag. 

While they might not compliment formal outfits quite as well as the mini bag (cry), this style can certainly become your go-to for everything else. They look great with any outfit that has a casual element to it, which can enhance your overall look.

For example, if you’re going into the office on a Monday morning and want to start your week off right (and stylish!), we recommend wearing a white shirt, black leather trousers, a tailored coat, and a black oversized bag. If your children have a playdate arranged in the local park, you could wear a black jumpsuit, an oversized grey coat, a pair of comfy trainers, and a brown oversized bag. The possibilities are endless.

The oversized bag is here to stay

It’s been a long time coming. Now that the oversized bag is back in fashion and a lot of people’s first choice, we really hope it stays for as long as the mini bag trend did! For decades now, women have been calling for more functionality in fashion, and finally, our wishes are materialising. 

We want comfortable shoes to be the norm, real pockets that can hold more than just a single key, and bags that will see us through from morning to night. Why are we continuously made to choose between practicality and style? The autumn/winter 2022 oversized bag trend is challenging the idea that women can’t have both, and we hope to see more progress soon!