Let’s Get Loud: Most Iconic Music Celerities’ Fashion Styles 

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

They not only sing loud to the tune of stardom and rock the world of fandom. They dress louder.

Welcome to the world of music celebrities – eccentric, talented, glamorous and appraised. They are not only making a statement with their voice but also with their clothes. Some of them have such unique and extravagant fashion sense they just can’t be mistaken for another.

Today, we explore the music icons over time that are certainly making an appearance with their looks.

Lady Gaga: shy on the inside but loud on the outside

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known as Lady Gaga, is actually an introvert, but you wouldn’t guess that. The pop music icon seen wearing steak dresses and acting provocatively on stage shared with Hollywoodscoop that she suffers from shyness

“I always feel shy in the Hollywood scene. I feel a bit like I did in high school, like I don’t really fit in,” she said.

Opposite to her shyness in life, her loudness on stage is impressive. Perhaps that’s where her feeling of an outcast comes from. Her style cannot be replicated by anyone else, putting her on the side bench of fashion conformity. She has the ability to take any trendy fashion item, such as a pink handbag, and make it look Gaga.

Lady Gaga is known for incorporating unusual items into her clothing. During the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards, she wore a dress and accessories made from hair that also matched her own hairstyle. Lace face coverings were also a favourite of Gaga in 2009, while in 2011, she shocked the public in a ripped dress, bleached eyebrows, and no shoes.

She swiftly morphs from one expression into another while always staying true to her Lady Gaga persona. 

David Bowie: the epitome of glam rock

Let’s talk Bowie. In 2013, the music icon was crowned the best-dressed man in British history and for a reason.

To win the title, one must astonish the audience with their impeccable taste. Every outfit must be up to par with the previous one and even outdo it. And on stage, one has no place for mistakes.

Unmistakably, Bowie has delivered a plethora of stunning outfits that meet the eye in dazzling fashion. In a true ‘70s fashion, he wore a glittery asymmetric catsuit in geometric forms to a performance at Earl’s Court in 1973.

The same year, his Ziggy Stardust persona was flourishing. Fusing rock and roll with glittery androgyny and integrating theatre and art into his performance, Ziggy developed his emblematic fashion style. Figure-hugging leotards, PVC platform boots, kimonos, and a lot of sequins entered his wardrobe to commemorate the Starman’s legacy.

Rihanna: a daring queen of glamour

Hailing from Barbados, Rihanna was only 17 when she entered the music scene and made a name for herself with her first single, “Pon de Replay”. Back then, she dressed in tune with the early noughties fashion yet didn’t shy away from infusing her outfits with glamour, glimmer, and chicness. 

The Barbadian-born star has never shown up on the red carpet in anything but a daring garment that exudes both sex appeal and top-notch designer work. Through the lenses of that, her style has evolved into fashion as an art form brought to life by esteemed designers. Stella McCartney, Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier, Zac Posen, Alexandre Vauthier, and many more have an imprint on Rihanna’s red carpet and on-stage looks.

Recently, the great musician made a true fashion statement during her pregnancy reveal. The star announced to the world she is expecting a baby in the form of a daring fashion shoot in the streets of New York with A$AP Rocky taken by celebrity photographer Diggzy. She wore a pink vintage Chanel coat showcasing her bump, ripped baggy jeans, and a black jewelled belt by Chanel. Throughout Rihanna’s entire pregnancy, her outfits have been more than extravagant, as she’s been dressing for two.

These three celebrities are the epitome of the performance on and off stage as a form of art. They are the bridge between music and fashion, between the heard and the seen, and between the language of sound and body. And through their inimitable celebrity persona that embodies all art forms, they’re making history.