cosy winter coats

The first golden leaves are beginning to fall, which makes it the perfect time to begin the seasonal transition of your wardrobe.

But while the time is nigh for hot chocolates and pumpkin spice, the weather is not quite cold enough to bring out the woolly hats, gloves, and cosy winter coats. 

So how do you bridge the gap between summer and autumn?

  • Layers

That summer dress you’ve been loving over the past couple of months doesn’t need to go away just yet. You just need to start incorporating layers into your outfits – it’s probably one of the easiest ways you can dress for the changeable weather. 

You can do this in two ways. Layer over, or layer under. 

Simple white vests may seem like a summer thing but they are predicted to be one of the top trends this autumn/winter – so you’ll probably want a knitted cardigan to throw over the top. Besides, who doesn’t love snuggling into a chunky piece of knitwear when the temperature drops? It’s the perfect way to keep you warm and create a cosy, relaxed look. 

A blazer, on the other hand, will look equally as good over your tops or dresses and give you a chicer style. 

You might also want to try layering under instead. Wearing a long-sleeved top or dark turtleneck under a strappy summer dress will instantly make a comfy-casual outfit that has the added bonus of keeping your neck and arms nice and toasty. 

For something brighter, try pairing a classic white button-down underneath a colourful knit tank.

  • Switch up the fabrics

This summer’s heatwave has seen us racing towards lighter, breathable fabrics. But with temperatures calming down, it’s time to swap them for something a little thicker. 

Give those Y2K miniskirts an autumnal makeover by adding a knitted one to your collection. Plaid or checked patterns are great for combining the youthful Y2K vibes that defined the summer with a more autumnal feel. Knee socks are another element of ‘90s and Y2K fashion that has come back into focus. Why not pair these with the miniskirts to keep your legs warm?

Or if you prefer to rock a cooler style, try incorporating black leather into your look, whether that’s with a biker jacket, dress, or even trousers.

Cosy jerseys or lightweight knit jumpers are also a reliable choice when being warm and comfortable is your top priority.

  • Shades of autumn

Summer might be the time for bright, sunshine colours, but autumn is the season for mellow tones and shades of ‘in-between’. Colours reminiscent of the falling leaves outside such as khaki, clay, red, and oche are always popular choices. The warm tones also match perfectly with the earthy boho patterns and clothes we’ve seen come back into fashion over the past year. 

The current trend of ‘dopamine dressing’ is expected to continue into the winter, however, so feel free to keep your wardrobe unseasonably bright – a ‘90s bucket hat, scrunchie or breezy scarf could bring a perfect pop of colour to your autumn outfits. A light-coloured or patterned designer umbrella can also lift your spirits, even on rainy days. 

  1. Shoe Swap

Swapping your sandals and trainers for high-tops and ankle boots is a simple change that can transform the entire feel of an outfit (and they’re generally better at keeping your feet dry too). 

Adding ankle boots to your summer dress, for example, is a simple and easy way to get the best of both worlds. Combat boots work just as well but create an edgier look that is more biker chic.

Before you say goodbye to your sandals entirely, bucked sliders or chunky mules are also a good way to bridge the changing seasons.

  • Outerwear 

September will have its fair share of sunny days, but it will almost certainly be drizzlier. A light raincoat is just the thing you need to keep dry without overheating in your favourite puffy coat. 

Light trench coats are another timeless staple that will give you extra coverage without weighing you down. This year, trenches are predicted to be back with a twist, so watch out for interesting and unusual styles and cuts. 

Bomber jackets have also been appearing across AW22 collections. A style that seemingly never goes out of fashion, bomber and shell jackets are versatile enough to wear almost anywhere and light enough for early autumn.

Whether you’re clinging onto the summer sunshine or can’t wait to break out your favourite jumpers, transitioning from one season to another is easy with some simple style changes.