Top Men’s Fashion Brands To Follow This Summer

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If you are looking for style without the fuss of extravagant trends, then you are in the right place. Fashion trends are getting more extreme in recent years and have left many people in the dark. With 90s trends making a comeback and one of such trends as balaclavas, it is easy to see why more people are demanding a more inclusive mix of clothing that will fill out your wardrobe with clothes you can wear on a daily basis whilst also feeling sleek. This article will go through some of the top fashion brands to follow this summer.

Gods Gift

God’s Gift are the new kids on the block in the fashion industry. With their relaxed fits and premium quality, they make one of the ultimate brands to be owning this summer. They offer a range of different clothing items from hoodies and tracksuits to overshirts and shorts, they really do have a great selection of premium quality clothing. The brand is founded by Awa Cisse with her team of experts and is ready to hit the world by storm with its essential clothing collection.


Lululemon has been around for a while but until recently, they have turned from a yoga apparel brand to a fully-fledged athleisure brand that can be worn for your workouts, or can be added to your everyday collection. They offer the ultimate comfort whilst adding a sense of luxury, ensuring you feel amazing all through the day. They offer anything from running shorts and compression leggings to base layers and jackets, they offer all your luxury basics to up your wardrobe game.


With more people becoming more conscious of their buying habits, more sustainable and transparent processes are needed. This is exactly what Everlane is providing, they offer complete transparency with all of their processes, including how much the item of clothing costs to make, where they are made and how their manufacturers are treated. This really is a brand to be following this summer with their top-quality light and airy tees and chinos in a range of sustainable materials.


Georgie is a brand that prides itself on the brand quality and its luxury materials to create the pinnacle of the luxury lifestyle that is direct to its customers. The great thing about Georgie is they use a circular fashion model as they are more aware that the fashion industry is one of the world’s largest polluters. Its items are slow fashion and timeless as they make each piece to order to eliminate waste. They do this by offering a made-to-order process where they will offer you a fit and then you can design it with the materials you want, ensuring you have a one-off piece that is perfect for you.

Aimé Leon Dore

Aimé Leon Dore, derived from Queens, New York and is collaborating with top designers around the world such as Woolrich, Drake’s and New Balance. This is a cult favourite and once a new drop with a co-lab drops, it is almost instantly out of stock. With new investments, it is not going to be a brand left in the dark. They offer a range of different items from suits and loafers to shirts and accessories.

Olivers Apparel

If you are after the best shorts you have ever worn, then Olivers Apparel is the place to go. Their starting marketing campaign when they started, promised their customers that they will never need a new pair of shorts again. This is somewhat true as you won’t want to buy a different pair as they are so comfortable and can be worn for exercise or out and about. They offer an extensive range of clothing that will look timeless in any wardrobe.

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