The internet and social media have changed the way we look at clothes. The second you see a dress or a shirt that you love, you can just click on the link and buy it. And if it doesn’t fit well or looks great? You can return it in a jiffy. In this article, find out how to dress like a social media star – not just for Instagram but also for real life!

So often we see a dress of a pair of pants that just look amazing on the curvy bodies of Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. So often though, these billionaire stars with their unlimited budgets are able to drape themselves in the well know bodycon designers like Riccardo Tisci, Olivier Rousteing and Thierry Mugler. How can the normal person though afford such style at a lower cost? There are loads of amazing websites that give the latest influencer fashion for a fraction of the costs like Jurllyshe or stores like Zara who always have the latest styles. Jurllyshe changed its name from Africanmall in 2020 to appeal to a wider audience when they realised that their fashion was wearable for all and not just a small percentage of the population.

Why Follow Fashion Blogs?

Fashion blogs offer up-to-date information on the latest trends and what’s new for this season. Bloggers also provide helpful advice on how to style outfits, which is perfect if you’re just starting out. You’ll find plenty of tips, tricks, and hacks for your wardrobe, so it’s worth following some of these bloggers or magazines for fashion inspiration. You do have to look out when you follow fashion blogs if the star is being paid to advertise certain brands though.

There is a big difference between a social media star who is just naturally stylish and puts together clever looks, than one who is being paid to tell you what to wear even though the clothes are not that nice. If all of a sudden Kim Kardashian is telling you to wear a really plain back tracksuit that is completely out of character – then it may just be that Gucci want to sell them and they are paying her to make them the next big trend!

How to Dress Sexy in Your Own Style

There is no one single answer to the question, “how should I dress?” because everyone has their own idea of what is sexy. A person’s style and body shape will dictate what type of clothes look good on them. When dressing for an event, try and match your outfit to the occasion. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense for a cocktail party outfit to be more formal than the venue. there are so many sexy clothes which hug the figure like things that Nicki Minaj might showcase on her Instagram, but would it be the right outfit to wear for the cinema? Learn where is the right place to sex it up and also down! If you are wanting to make your Northwich life a little bit more exciting then starting to change your outfits more frequently might do the trick.

What To Wear to Subtle Sexy Moments

For occasions where you want to be a little dressier or more feminine, but not overtly sexy, wear a dress with a sleek silhouette. Wear minimal makeup and keep your hair down or straightened. If you have short hair, it’s even easier to look put-together with little effort. There are some amazing hair extensions made from human hair on the Jurllyshe site as well as so many wigs which make it really easy to change your look quickly when you want to shock your friends or change your image.

Types of Celebrities Who Dress Well

Celebrities with the fashion game on point are wearing outfits that would work for most occasions. They can dress up or dress down depending on the situation. Some celebrities even change their style completely to fit certain events. Learning how to dress like a social media star is possible by taking note of what they wear and how they style themselves. In the last few years wigs and hair extensions have become acceptable and really popular. There used to be a stigma attached to wearing a wig, but if you see your favourite stars with different hair lengths and colours within the space of a few weeks or days don’t be surprised if they just popped on a new funky wig before they left the house.

The Appeal of Social Media Influencers’ Wardrobes

Striking a balance between affordable and stylish has been a longstanding challenge for all fashionistas. Nowadays, there is a new category of people who are stylists elite: the social media influencers. These individuals typically have huge followings on Instagram and YouTube, where they share their outfits with viewers, as well as tips about how to dress. The greatest thing about fast fashion sites and designers who make affordable versions of celebrities style is that you get to wear them quickly and change your look and clothes far more often. These days the trend for wearing an outfit once and then sticking it up for sale on your Depop Bio within a few days allows you to continue purchasing new clothes indefinitely and still allows for recycling and upcycling to help the environment in the fashion world too.