Top styling tips for dressing confidently with your workwear

Confidence is key and assists in enabling the happiest version of yourself. Feeling confident in your workwear will help improve how you feel and act, as well as impact the work you deliver. You will be able to focus more on the work at hand as opposed to feeling sloppy or uncomfortable. Here are our top tips for your workwear or corporate work clothing

Follow appropriate dress code 

When you follow the appropriate dress code, it’s inevitable your confidence will be boosted as opposed to feeling like you stand out like a sore thumb. This refers to not only the overall dress code of your workplace but individual scenarios too. This means you may dress more professional on certain days and more casual on others. For instance, days where there are client meetings may require a dressier outfit such as tailored pants and shirt, and a blazer with black leather loafers, while ‘casual Friday’ could just be jeans and a t-shirt. Following the overall dress code of your company includes analyzing how those surrounding you dress and following this standard. If you are new to the company, a pro tip is to wear semi-professional workwear or corporate work clothing the first week before making the decision to be more casual. You’ll feel more confident wearing slightly more dressy workwear as opposed to looking like you just rolled out of bed. 

As soon as you feel uncomfortable in a workwear item, declutter it

For many reasons, it can be easy to continue wearing an item you don’t feel your best in. Many of us are guilty of it and as a result, our confidence is impacted. Whether it’s a workwear item that easily matches other items but doesn’t flatter you, or it’s corporate work clothing that was expensive and you feel bad getting rid of, there are bound to be these items in your wardrobe. You deserve to only wear items you feel comfortable in and once you do, you will notice your confidence skyrocket. 

The amazing thing about this is that you can make money in the process by selling the items online. Instead of feeling like you wasted money on your work uniform, flick the mindset, and feel positive about the fact you can make money from said work uniform. 

Get to know your strengths and weaknesses 

Being unsure of how you look, what you are wearing and how you are styling your outfit and hair all inevitably leads to not feeling confident. Confidence often comes naturally when you are sure of yourself, and this takes really learning who you are. Dedicate some time to learning about colours and styles of clothing that enhances your best features as well as features you like about yourself. 

This refers to a few different elements. Learn your colour palette suited to your skin, hair and eye undertones. Learn your body shape. And learn which of these bring out your brilliance so you can confidently purchase an item by yourself and know it will suit you. 

The additional element focuses more on what you personally like and dislike. There may be a colour that typically suits your eye colour and skin colour but if you don’t like it, don’t wear it. A style of clothing may typically suit your shaping, however, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing low cut tops, don’t wear it. On the contrary, if you want to show this off, and feel confidently doing this, break the stereotypical barriers. This should all be balanced with the workwear or corporate work clothing dress code.

Olivia is a business owner and a freelance writer who currently writes content for The Uniform Centre, a uniform shop which focuses on providing women and mens workwear clothes, business corporate clothing, and corporate uniforms.