The UK’s best and worst places to live a married live in the UK


According to 2018 statistics, Britain had the highest divorce rate in the EU with 2.8 divorces for every 1,000 marriages. The reason can vary in why couples may choose to part ways: financial issues, infidelity, intrusive parents, and complications within communication.

Despite this giving an indication that there are a significant amount of couples separating, research had found that 87% of couple were happy with their relationship and barely argued. So what exactly contributes to a happy marriage? Census data across the country provides interesting insight into the differences between married couples living in different regions across the country. So we’ve explored what areas throughout the UK have the largest number of divorces and analysed why marriages have either succeeded or failed.

Marriage in Blackpool

If you’re a seaside lover, then you’ll be amazed to know that costal towns have the highest rate of divorce in comparisons to towns inland. Blackpool has been named as the divorce capital of the country, with divorce rates at 13.1%. Although there’s no official explanation for why these rates are so much higher than the rest of the country, there are stress-inducing situations that can be linked to the cause and effect of divorce, resulting in partners introducing family law solicitors.

Blackpool was ranked as them most deprived areas within England in 2019. BBC questioned residents in Blackpool, with many blaming high divorce rates on difficult economic conditions placing immense pressure on families who are struggling to meet living costs.

It’s been advocated that as much as these coastal towns are teaming with life in the summer and there’s plenty of things to do, the winter months are rather boring. This region has also been met with some of the highest rates of long-term illness and poor physical and mental health, with anxiety and depression levels exceeding the national average by almost double.

Marriage in Hastings

Hastings has scored the second highest divorce rate in the UK with 12.8%. Hastings is a popular coastal town with pretty pastel coloured Victorian-style houses by the sea — so why are couples getting divorced at high rates in a quaint, scenic town?

Hastings has also been ranked a 13th as the most deprived area in the UK. This reiterates the possibility that financial strain is a leading factor in why couples get divorced. Salaries in Hastings are 24% less than the South West average, with 26% living in poverty. NHS statistics have also reported that 30% of locals reported feeling lonely in this area, suggesting that boredom and lack of social activities in coastal towns can have dramatic impacts on marital happiness.

Marriage in Harrow

Coming in with the lowest divorce rate of 5.4% is Harrow, who is arguably one of the best places to live as a married couple. Of course, people still stay together in unhappy marriages for a variety of reasons, but low divorce rates suggest an environment that is less likely to put strain on a marriage.

The average income recorded in Harrow of £37,400 in 2019. Coincidentally, Harrow is ranked the lowest region in the UK for depression and anxiety prevalence at 9%. Although money isn’t a measure of mental health, it can contribute to marriage failure as noted previously.

Marriage in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets is located in central London and has scored second-last for its divorce rate of 5.6% close behind Harrow. Like Harrow, the average salary met the UK average, allowing households to keep up with living costs.

So, that concludes it. We’ve listed some of the best and worst places to be married in the UK. The economic environment is a very important factor for a marriage to thrive, as well as keeping busy and having things to do.